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Captains Night 1/27 - 7PM Central: 313 released!

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  • Wyzcrak
    lol great fun tonight, all. Thanks so much for always showing up. :)

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  • Wyzcrak
    Don't share the password directly. Share the thread URL (folks need to read that first post before joining).

    Password: tgns13

    steam://run/4920//+connect +password tgns13

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  • KingPing
    Great im stoked

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  • Wyzcrak
    If you play here often, consider purchasing a Tactical Gamer Supporting Membership. TG is staffed entirely by volunteers (I purchase SM like any other TG admin) -- the subscriptions allow TG to purchase our excellent technical infrastructure. They also provide TGNS players the best reserved slot we offer -- SMs enjoy the best continuity and the fewest interruptions, and they do a great service to us all.

    Thank you to everyone who plays here regularly, and thank you to those of you who make that possible for all of us.

    The link above is correct. It returns an error to anyone not logged into the site. Login to view the SM link above:

    1) Login to these TG forums

    2) Click the then-visible top-level navigation "Supporting Memberships" link
    Supporting Memberships top-level navigation link (visible for logged-in users)

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  • Wyzcrak
    Is the 2nd-round countdown timer fixed? It seemed to work flawlessly last week.

    Recent changes:

    ) fixed TGNS Replay playback sometimes showing unwanted cameras during browser resize events
    -- a little-known, long-existing, and obnoxious defect

    ) added auto-updating sum of recorded gameplay hours to Replay homepage
    -- over 600 gameplay hours captured so far (this sums hours of recorded games, not hours of contributed videos)

    ) added Replay button to "M > Info" in-game menu

    ) UWE Badges have magically returned to our scoreboard with Build 313's release. Yay!

    ) swap targets may now chat "stay" to reject the roster change proposal
    -- allows another requestor to more quickly submit an alternative

    ) other minor corrections/fixes

    ) recent changes you might have missed

    And that's not all, so check out the rest of the TGNS Forums to learn what else is happening!

    If a request you've recently made in a forum thread (private or otherwise) feels neglected, ping me every couple of weeks. Priorities and schedules are always shifting, and I don't mind saying "no" to anything after consideration, but I don't want something important to someone just falling through the cracks, forgotten.

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  • Wyzcrak
    Build 313 was released this morning, and I'm eager to get in as much gameplay as we can with the new bugfixes and features:

    • Lerk
      • Increased base health points to 150 (from 125)
      • Lowered the biomass health bonus to 2 (from 3)
      • This change makes the Lerk slightly more durable in early engagements.

    • Machine Gun (MG)
      • Decreased weight to 0.21 (150% of the Grenade Launcher) from 0.26
      • This change helps players with the MG to aim more quickly in combat and mobility.

    • Mucous Cloud (Drifter Ability)
      • Increased the amount of extra health point mucous grants to 20% (from 15%) of the targetís base hp.
    • This change makes mucous cloud more viable compared to the hallucination cloud which generates hallucinations with 32% of the targetís base hp.

    Tweaks / Improvements
    • Replaced the Machine Gun texture with a higher quality version.
    • Added new Alien Commander tutorial
      • Learn the basics of Alien Commanding.
      • Includes some hidden achievements and easter eggs.
    • Added new badges (steam items) for the competitive ensl league:
      • Added a badge for the winner of the 10th season
      • Added badges for the world championship 2014 finalists
      • Added badges for the upcoming newcomer tournament
    • Refactored the badge API:
      • API is now handling the badge enum correctly
      • Supports multiple columns for each badge which may be user specific
      • Adds support for Steam Item based badges
    • Improved Cyst placement routines to ensure they are more consistently and evenly placed along paths.
    • Improved Cyst placement to be accurate per mouse cursor position
    • Optimized the update routine of clogs, webs and alien weapons (Thanks Katzenfleisch).

    • Fixed that Whips kept attacking invalid targets instead of searching for new targets.
    • Fixed that parasite was not correctly applied onto players logging out of the command chair.
    • Fixed that the ghost model for certain commander drops wasnít matched up with where it actually is when spawned (eg hives were sunk half way into the tech point instead of hovering on top of them).
    • Fixed that mines had the wrong ghost model when commander was dropping them.
    • Fixed that the evolution chamber wasnít selectable sometimes due to relevancy issues.
    • Fixed slerp calculations which would result in player models twitching rapidly (Thanks Nin).
    • Fixed that the Exo flashlight was facing towards the floor (Thanks Nin).
    • Fixed that the ďpurchaseĒ sound of the marine buy menu didnít play correctly (Thanks Brute).

    • Refinery
      • Fixed two stuck spots in Ready room for Winter seasonal theme.
      • Fixed non-seasonal stuck spot in Lava Falls.
      • Fixed reflections maps incorrectly using Biodome map.
    • Mineshaft
      • Fixed stuck spot in ready room for Winter seasonal theme.
    • Kodiak
      • Fixed several stuck spots in ready room for Winter seasonal theme.
    • Caged
      • Fixed Fall seasonal in-game props showing for other seasons in Shipping Tunnels.
    • Tram
      • Fixed Fall seasonal prop showing for other seasons.
    • Summit
      • Fixed missing collision on some props near Sub Access.
      • Fixed flickering texture in Atrium.
      • Fixed missing collision on glass pane in Flight Control.

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  • Wyzcrak
    started a topic Captains Night 1/27 - 7PM Central: 313 released!

    Captains Night 1/27 - 7PM Central: 313 released!

    Our normal event start time remains 8PM Central each Friday night, but my schedule today allows us to start an hour earlier tonight at 7PM Central.

    Anyone familiar with our rules is welcome to join us tonight at 7:00PM Central for a curated, password-protected event (I'll post the password in another post below just before 7:00PM Central). Here is a rundown of the event:

    Throughout all of Captains Night, use the player name by which TGNS regulars best know you. Captains Night is a special time to come together with known regulars and friends.

    Playing BOTH Rounds:
    Don't play unless you can reliably stay for the entire map (mid-map emergency? tell your team and bail. dinner and/or friends showing up does not an emergency make).

    This expectation is important to participants, and admins protect it.

    Taking a Break:
    Each map begins with a short, announced break for food, bathroom, and fellowship. Except for these breaks, don't AFK during the event.

    After each break, the Captains are identified for the current map.

    Becoming a Captain:
    TGNS regulars known to participants are invited to Captain and personalize team selections on Captains Night. The first player to volunteer as Captain selects his opponent Captain. This opponent selection should prioritize gameplay quality, but the team-picking selections should absolutely prioritize competitive strength.

    Opting In:
    Player opt-ins open up once both Captains are ready. If you miss the opt-in window for a given map, speak up and we'll get you playing on the next map for sure (if not immediately).

    Selecting Teams:
    As team selections begin, listen for instruction. Only Captains speak during team selection -- text chat is always available to everyone (and, of course, voicecomm opens up to all players once teams are formed).

    Captains Night is everyone's curated opportunity to apply our most satisfying teamwork, communicative tactics, and great fellowship. Try your hardest, but have fun together!



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