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  • Need Assistance Configuring OBS

    So I have decided that I want to contribute to TGNS Replay. The problem is that my attempts at configuring the OBS programme to produce acceptable results have failed. My recordings have very low frame rates for some reason. I've tried tinkering with the programme's settings but the results all have varying degrees of failure; sometimes only audio is recorded, other times the video crashes the media player, and when the video does play, it shows a low FPS recording. Perhaps I'm missing something, but I suspect an inadequate CPU.

    My PC:

    Intel i5 3570K @ 4.3GHz
    8GB memory @ 1333MHz
    2 GTX 680 SLI

    I could also post screenshots of my current OBS settings, I would appreciate yours too. Any help would be great.

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    Nice, I have the same CPU (4.4 GHz) and I record at 60 FPS. :) I don't know how badly OBS affects my frame rate, but I'm using G-Sync, so I don't notice frame rate drops. I followed this guide for my OBS settings and I use crf=20. Here's some info on the CRF setting. You can get away with using a higher CRF for lower quality, yet less CPU-taxing, recordings. Youtube will compress the hell out of crisp recordings either way depending on the resolution.


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      I followed your links, it's all good now. Still lower than 60 FPS, but a significant improvement nonetheless.

      Thank you Nominous, much appreciated. :)




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