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  • Captains night and infest maps

    I had a thought that I shared tonight at the tail end of captains night. I'll readily admit that I'm biased as I typically enjoy infest rounds however it's my understanding that a number of other players do as well. The thought is to have a quick infest round played between captains rounds; perhaps 5 or 10 minutes max. This would give people time to take a break without any potential penalty (i.e. missing the start of a captains round) while at the same time allowing players who don't need or want a break to continue game play. Moreover, this 'infest interlude' would give those players that do enjoy infest an opportunity to play a few rounds of an otherwise seemingly underutilized game mode.

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    I think one round has merit. Anyone needing bio can take it during infest. I'll try this next time I'm hosting.

    The mapvote will be authoritative. I'll note which map won, switch to infest, and then manually switch to the winning map after the one infest round, where Captains play will continue.

    We'll probably try that every other Captains game, or something -- not after every map.

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      Thanks Wyz! I look forward to seeing how it works out.




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