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BufferBloat and PingPlotter - Is this normal?

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  • BufferBloat and PingPlotter - Is this normal?


    The other day someone mentioned that I may be suffering from BufferBloat.

    Looks like it's true, with a C score.

    More Info:

    But as far as I know, Buffer Bloat only hurts when you're maxing out your connection.

    Here's my "Ping Plotter" scan for TNGS. Is the big red packetloss bar a bad sign, or does everyone get that?
    If anyone else has experienced buffer bloat, how did you fix it?

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    The red packet loss bar is just because the game server itself doesn't respond to pings, and that is a graph of packet loss on pings to the game server.

    The rest of your stats look fine to me.

    If you have a problem with high latency while upload or download is being maxed out, you'll need a fast router that can do QoS to prioritize important traffic higher than the bulk traffic. I personally use an Asus RT-AC68U with Tomato firmware from here: as it has excellent QoS features. Though I rarely have my connection maxed out so I don't even have QoS enabled lately.

    QoS has a downside you see. It limits your transfer rates (so that heavy usage won't cause high latency). As such, QoS should only be used if the benefit of keeping latency under control is worth the loss of bandwidth.


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      Update here. Just got a Ubiquti EdgeRouter-X and turned on it's QOS function, and everything's playing like a dream now. I feel like I can actually hit things. Whether that's real or not remains to be seen, but it feels good to just get an A+ on my speedtest score.


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        Ubiquiti makes good routers. Even though the EdgeRouter-X is more like a managed switch with buffed up firmware, it is still faster than most home routers!


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          Make good APs too. Installed them in my house and my WiFi is awesome :)




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