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Tug of war maps and TGNS-style surrender

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  • Tug of war maps and TGNS-style surrender

    There is a possible issue with the TGNS surrender mod and the design of the tug of war maps that came up tonight. Prior to tonight, I've never played a tug of war style map nor have a seen one being played. For those that might not be aware, the tug of war maps are modified versions of existing maps that have a single lane that winds from tech point to tech point. Marines and aliens start at either end of this lane and push back and forth for control.
    Regarding the issue, it may be a very minor due to the frequency at which the tug of war style maps are played. Nevertheless, there exists a real possibility that the non-surrendering team can't reach the surrendering teams hive/chair before the timer expires. I suspect that if either team surrenders as soon as it's permitted in a round, they'd win.

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    We can address this if it becomes a consistent problem.
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