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  • Admin Feedback Discussion and Suggestion(s)

    "Admin Feedback" is a feature accessed by opening up the scoreboard, right (EDIT: it's actually left) clicking on a player's name, and then clicking on "Admin Feedback". As Wyzcrak described it to me tonight, it is a feature intended to provide more in-depth feedback, positive and negative, about a player to a Full Admin (such as Wyzcrak). Players may provide positive and negative feedback to admins.

    I wanted to create a topic in order to discuss the idea, because I was interested in the idea, but the terminology of "Admin Feedback" seemed a little too vague in my opinion, and could confuse newcomers.

    Approval already provides positive feedback to the player (and, assuming Wyz checks the approval database, that's probably already something Full Admins could check), and I think it could be developed to two separate concepts, rather than a more vague "Admin Feedback":
    - "Approve Player": Already exists, and could be extended to provide feedback to an Admin about something positive a player has done. If done as such, we presumably don't have 2 positive feedback systems, and users are already accustomed to positive feedback.
    - "Disapprove Player" or "Report Player": Does not exist, and furfills the secondary negative aspect of feedback.

    I don't know if it is possible to implement both into the drop down, but I think that would make the idea that you're providing feedback about the players a little more obvious. Another way this could be implemented is through a Tab on the TGNS Portal. Thoughts?
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    For those who weren't on the game server earlier, this came up after I suddenly mentioned in the Ready Room that someone had used Admin Feedback earlier in the evening to provide information that later proved very helpful to full admins who were then able to better and quietly curate the game server's participants.

    Some present didn't know what "Admin Feedback" was or how to use it, and some agreed the menuing wasn't as intuitive as it might be.

    Just as you've posted this, HaX^ , and based on the discussion on the game server, I've modified the menu (which is invoked with left-click, btw -- not right-click) to display these options:

    Admin Feedback
    --Praise Wyzcrak
    --Report Wyzcrak

    The new "Praise" and "Report" options appear indented, so as to feel like sub-options, but all three menu options are clickable and offer the same user experience: present a simple form to fill out on the TGNS Portal, customized to automatically include information about the targeted player, where someone can share positive or negative feedback, however verbose they please.

    And just to repeat what that feedback form on the TGNS Portal has always explained in its UI:

    "This form is for simple feedback to all TGNS admins, without any response.

    If you need a response from a TGNS admin, create a thread in our Contact an Admin forum."
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