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  • Captains Night: Proxy

    Captains Night practically runs itself, but that's great commentary on the host as much as it is our TGNS community at large or the event's design.

    In the past, lack of admin host meant Captains Night didn't happen that week. Moving forward, we're going to retain the host requirement for the event and loosen the admin prerequisite for the host. Admins will remain the event's typical host. But, when an admin is not available for the entirety of the event, a non-admin Proxy -- arranged in advance by the admins -- will host the entirety of that Captains Night evening in the admins' place.

    Admins will privately reach out to an event veteran in advance and ask him to commit as host, to act as a direct proxy of the admin who would otherwise host: creating the Captains Night thread for the evening, posting the password, starting the event at the typical time, facilitating the great experience we all look forward to during Captains Night, and calling the end of the event whenever it suits the Proxy. With the proxy's permission, I'll configure the game server to grant the rights and commands needed to effectively host the event, temporarily for the evening.

    To be clear, a Proxy owns the entirety of an event instance they host. If admins come and go during the event, they remain helpful only in their role as admins (which means the Proxy can reach out to them for any assistance) -- admins don't suddenly start hosting if they're around. Admins coming and going doesn't interrupt the Proxy's running of things.

    I'm looking forward to even better consistency of Captains Night every Friday night. Thank you to everyone for making Captains Night so fun each week!
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    Thank you Wyzcrak et Admins for setting this up. This is a great idea! I look forward to having various server vets hosting/proxying a Captains Night.


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      This is an excellent plan! So glad to hear this is being set up. =)




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