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Captains Night Proxy: 6/2 - HaX^

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  • Captains Night Proxy: 6/2 - HaX^

    If you haven't yet read what a Captains Night Proxy is:

    I don't plan on announcing who the Proxy is each time we have one, as it will be obvious when they create the week's event thread and post the password for the night.

    But I do want to thank HaX^ for selflessly being the first to assume the role. My dev effort to facilitate this Proxy role might have flaws initially, and he might otherwise make a mistake (just as admins have when we host) as he finds his footing, so thanks to everyone else for helping make the night go smoothly as he acts as Proxy for tomorrow night's Captains Night.

    Look for HaX^ to create the thread tomorrow for 6/2 Captains Night, and look for him to later post the event password in the same thread, just as admins typically do.
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