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Captains Night 6/16 - 8PM Central

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  • Captains Night 6/16 - 8PM Central

    Anyone familiar with our rules is welcome to join us tonight at 8:00PM Central for a curated, password-protected event (password will be posted below shortly before the event starts). Here is a rundown of the event:

    Throughout all of Captains Night, use the player name by which TGNS regulars best know you. Captains Night is a special time to come together with known regulars and friends.

    Playing BOTH Rounds:
    Don't play unless you can reliably stay for the entire map (Mid-map emergency? Tell your team and bail. Dinner and/or friends showing up does not an emergency make).

    This expectation is important to participants, and admins protect it.

    Taking a Break:
    Each map begins with a short, announced break for food, bathroom, and fellowship. Except for these breaks, don't AFK during the event.

    After each break, the Captains are identified for the current map.

    Becoming a Captain:
    TGNS regulars known to participants are invited to Captain and personalize team selections on Captains Night. The first player to volunteer as Captain selects his opponent Captain. This opponent selection should prioritize gameplay quality, but the team-picking selections should absolutely prioritize competitive strength. If a Captain chooses you as his opponent, and you decline, you spectate the rest of the map.

    Opting In:
    Player opt-ins open up once both Captains are ready. If you miss the opt-in window for a given map, speak up and we'll get you playing on the next map for sure (if not immediately).

    Selecting Teams:
    As team selections begin, listen for instruction. Only Captains speak during team selection -- text chat is always available to everyone (and, of course, voicecomm opens up to all players once teams are formed).

    Captains Night is everyone's curated opportunity to apply our most satisfying teamwork, communicative tactics, and great fellowship. Try your hardest, but have fun together!

    If you haven't already, please read this thread on Proxies - I will be proxying tonight's Captains Night.

    NS Update 316:
    For those who might have missed it, patch 316 is out, which includes the long awaited overhaul of Boneshield. Details here.

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    If you're running client mods, remember to re-enable them before tonight's event. Build releases disable client mods (316 was released this morning -- see MADCAT's link above), so you have to re-enable them before connecting to the game server (you cannot modify the enabled state of client mods while connected to a game server).
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      Good information Wyz, thanks!

      Don't share the password directly. Share the thread URL (folks need to read that first post before joining).

      Password: tgns00

      steam://run/4920//+connect +password tgns00


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        Thanks for playing, everyone! Some great games, and some food data on 316!

        I think we need to take a serious look at our game balance mods with the release of 316 - I think we're a little overbalanced towards the Marines at the moment. =)


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          I thoroughly enjoyed that captains night and it seemed that all the latest modifications to the server and patch updates regarding onos/gorges has helped to improve my subjective rating of gameplay. I think the best way to describe it is that regardless of winning or losing, the games are fun(ner). Of course everyone wants to win, but if you gauge your fun level on the server based on your win/loss ratio, you will probably be disappointed unnecessarily.


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            Onos is broken. It has become nothing more than a glorified clog. Too darn slow even with Celerity, and new Boneshield does not even deserve the mouse click. Forget effective use of Stomp, unless you want to combine it with Adrenaline and keep moving like a turtle. They now expect you to spend 62 pres just to "defend a hive".

            The person(s) who suggested the new changes to the Onos is a genuine imbecile I can tell you that for a fact.


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              I don't think it's unreasonable to say that the old Boneshield was too powerful, but I agree that they seem to have gone very much the other way with these changes.




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