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  • Obs Inside a Wall

    Building Observatories inside walls is common on the server, and it shouldn't be.


    It's impossible for two or more lifeforms to hit this Obs simultaneously, and if you're an Onos just forget soloing this Obs. It can be bile-bombed of course, but the thing is extremely difficult for the Gorge to see. It's even too difficult for the Marines to weld.

    Kill the habit, please.
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    That is curious. I wonder if you let Wyz know that it was in the wall because it is hard for a commander to tell; if not impossible to tell from top view. Ive hardly seen people exploiting the map on TGNS. Most people, or at least primers know, that it is actually not allowed on TGNS to exploit the map. I might be wrong but i think that is in the primer agreement. If you notice someone exploiting a map, point it out to the comm or admins as a lot of time people they don't know. They can then demand re-drop and re-position.

    Also, Refinery is a mess when it comes to being able to drop structures in walls. I think i wrote up one for Refinery. People were dropping obs in the wall near some boxes in Transit which was impossible to reach. Sargon you should write it up. They'll add it to the next update.
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      I think it's great that we're wanting to enforce this. I do think there should be a rule to not build obs that are stuck in the wall, but sometimes the commander is just dropping an obs and doesn't necessarily know there is an issue with not being able to see/attack/weld the obs.


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        Yes. NS2 makes it easy to not understand you're doing this as a Commander. Communicate this to the Comm in real time. There's ample precedent for that solving the problem.

        Per status quo, tell admins about anyone habitually obstructing your reasonable and apparent efforts to make things better for everyone.
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