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I've removed Comm badges, as they're too often misinformation

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  • I've removed Comm badges, as they're too often misinformation

    It's way too common that a game is delayed while 3 or more Commander badges don't command. Folks not commanding is fine. That's their prerogative.

    I've designated Commander badges as poor predictors of that role -- practically misinformation -- and removed their display from both the player nameplates (above the head of the nearby player) and the scoreboard.

    This feels like an improvement, but I'm not married to it. If there's significant pushback, I'll put them back, no problem.
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    I like it personally, TGNS badges are cooler anyway :p


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      This seems perfectly fine to me. I've disabled my comm badge across all servers since I think it's disingenuous when taking into account my actual comming skill and experience. It's one of those global badges that players can farm instead of owning up to.


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        I'd love to see some sort of a replacement, perhaps a second TGNS badge that is selectable by players. The options would be:
        "Primary commander" - Wyz, you would probably select this, as you're almost always willing to command.
        "Backup commander" - I would select this one because while I am usually content to command if no one else wants to, there's usually a better option.
        "Not a commander" - Nom would probably pick this since he prefers playing on the field.

        Ideally, these would be selectable independently for comm and kham, with the server only displaying the appropriate icon for the team that the player is on.

        Perhaps this is too complex, but it would be a good way to tell at a glance which side might need to swap for a comm.




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