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recent whip change and counterbalance for marines?

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  • recent whip change and counterbalance for marines?

    It may not be 100% necessary to change anything about the game, but some recent frustration over being on marine side and feeling the whip power is definitely palatable.

    May I suggest:

    1) stronger turrets with greater number of turrets per battery and stronger (perhaps self healing) batteries?

    2) arcs that have no minimum radius to arc, slightly faster arc speed (not inhibited as much by cysts, because cysts are 1 res to build and slow the arcs a LOT), and more durable arcs (need more bile to kill)

    Suggestions welcome!

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    Simple counterbalance would be, in my opinion, the best course for whips.

    1. Making whips do slightly less damage.

    2. Make whips have less health and armor.

    3. Increasing cost slightly (like 1).

    4. I would be in favor of a wider view angle for turrets and or slightly less cost.

    We just got to find that sweet spot. I like that more people are using them. They have plenty of weaknesses. Such as Arcs, Gls, Grenades, Marines shooting from outside their range, and most importantly infestation.


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      Just got off an extremely stressful game with whips. They definitely need to do less damage.


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        Correct me if I am wrong, but whips cost points (what do we call these points? its like the drifter points, or mac/turrets for marines..) Perhaps they should be more expensive in that regard. That would limit the amount of whips that could be built total. What do they cost currently?


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          Originally posted by Wyzcrak View Post
          I've left in TGNS mod the double supply cost of whips (stock: 5; modded: 10). Whip resource costs remain stock (13).
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