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    Experiments with the stock NS2 gameplay are becoming a more common sight on tgns. I think it can be a very interesting experiment to try out, especially because I know the intention is to improve the stock gameplay, but we are doing this outside of the cdm.

    Whatever your opinion about said experiment, I think some ground rules need to be laid. Changing game mechanics can have snowball like effects that you may not have considered. As with all good experimentation, I believe we should consider some scientific theory for these experiments.

    I am suggesting that all experiments/modifications should adhere to the following:
    - Be noticeably visible upon joining the game server
    - Be noticeably listed on the forums as to what active mods are in place (like a sticky thread where you can go to see a link to the thread about the specifics of the mod)
    - Experiments should only last for X amount of time. After said time period they need to be re-evaluated as to whether or not we want to experiment with the mod for a longer period of time to gain more data or leave active until the next patch
    - When making a suggestion for a mod, you should come here with some amount of info/stats to backup it up. And hopefully, during the experiment period, try to get some statistics on the modification to see if it has addressed the problem. or caused new issues.
    - All modifications need to be reevaluated when a new version of stock ns2 is released

    I'm trying to avoid have 10+ modifications on the server that maybe stay longer than expected or that they all just become too convoluted to remember how tgns differs from stock.

    Here are some things to address in posting for a modification experiment

    Suggested modification:

    Reason for change:

    Expected outcomes:

    unintended outcomes: (report during the experiment period)


    Thoughts, comments?

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    Yea i agree with everything you said.

    I think optimizing very small things(like 1-5 things) and especially advertising it upon arrival would be good. But i think thus far all said experiments have been fairly considerate to the notion not to change the stock gameplay too much. We were discussing the power node thing but i was very adamant against the power armor increase. Then i wanted the AL up after power loss. Then i played a game last night that challenged both of those previous notions. Having regulations for that process is good.

    I will note that i play on pretty much all the servers on NS2 and they all differ. I never notice or care to read any of the changes on arrival. So as much as you want to advertise to people, they still probably won't read it.


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      Correct. Users don't read, and stock NS2 isn't hosted anywhere. That said, if more folks voice confusion about what's what on TGNS, we can work on the education approach.
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        Okay, so we don't need to list it on the server. I'm just advocating that all of the modifications have a trial period




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