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    Thanks so much to Wyz and all of the volunteers who have kept this server running over the years.

    Definitely one of the best communities I have ever been a part of and I'm proud to say I participated in TGNS.

    See you all on steam!


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      I haven't played NS2 in awhile, but I always felt a little bit of comfort knowing that TGNS was around if I ever did want to dive back into the game. I'm sad to check up on these forums and read this news!

      Wyz, you and the TGNS community were consistently excellent. You should be very proud of what you accomplished here over the years.


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        Just wanted to share some screenshots of the last captains night.


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          Thanks for giving us the opportunity to have fun games all these years.

          I'm pretty sure I still owe you a steak dinner someday. :)
          aka Roland tHTG


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            This is a disaster and a shock. Truly the end of an era. I wish I had seen this coming from farther away so I could have made a choice about doing something or not. I always wanted to play on Fridays but could rarely find room; Always assuming that the obviously high demand would keep the place afloat. Truly the capstone of the NS2 lifecycle. Many thanks for the years of top notch multiplayer games.


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              The recent anniversary update to NS2 brought me back here. Wyz, and everyone from those earlier eras, it was a pleasure gaming with you. Even if I wasn't always the ideal choice of teammate... (Listen to my voice comment starting at 4 seconds in...)
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                Played NS(1) for years, down graded it to keep playing with old friends but, the only reason I got NS2 in Alpha was because of TG teamwork, Thank you everyone.

                You will be missed


                (6..~)Z Z z z....


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                  <begins slow clap>


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                    I really have enjoyed playing with the community at tactical gamer. I move in and out to other games but never find the teamwork and since of community that i find here. It reminds of "Cheers" where you can sit down after a week of slinging code, hop-on and have a great balanced game that feels challenging and fun with old friends. Wyzcrak the amount of thought and detail crafting the TGNS mods have fostered a source quality players that abide rules, communicate and a since of balance that is missing from any other game. Thanks for all your hard work and dedication to make all of our evenings fun. Thanks for putting up with my terrible shooting and lack of checking mail. Yack


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                      I've recently learned that, within moments of this thread first posting, many of you, led by Nominous, Shifter, AGTMADCAT, VMan, and others raised a substantial sum with the intention of showing your gratitude through gifts to be sent to my home. I received them and unboxed them live on Discord with some of those involved, and I wanted to share here, so that everyone could enjoy them with me.

                      I received:
                      • a gorge plushie (my first, which my 7yo daughter immediately and gleefully STOLE)
                      • a hilarious "World's OKAYEST Onos" mug
                      • a badass "World's Best Commander" mug
                      • several 3D-printed models of NS2 entities:
                        • Command Station
                        • ARC
                        • Whip
                        • Observatory
                      • a jaw-dropping, signed commemorative poster (this is getting framed -- amazing)
                        Here's the poster (see album below for full resolution):
                      The 3D models are Nominous' work, and they're brilliant. Just mind-blowing. The pictures absolutely don't do them justice.

                      The poster is largely Nom's work also, but obviously everyone contributed.

                      I think.. HaX^?... contributed the mug images, and the printing is really high quality. The mugs are beautiful and glossy. Just so great!

                      I know no one likes to read, so I'll not gush on and on about how much receiving these has meant to me, but I have to tell all of you that I'm so very grateful. I won't feign humility and say I didn't know TGNS was special and appreciated, but these gifts really punctuated the appreciation you have all shown in this thread, and I appreciate that very much. Thank you to everyone who contributed to this, and thank you to everyone who helped make TGNS special.

                      I've created an album of photographs I took of the gifts ("they should have sent a photographer...."). I hope you all enjoy the pictures!

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                        Hah that screenshot/poster is one for the ages. Those gifts were really thoughtful, congrats!
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                          Thank you so much for the high res photos of the gifts, Wyz. It's my first time ordering 3D prints and those pics will certainly help me compare the quality of Shapeways' Strong & Flexible Polished to other materials in case I order more prints in the future. We're truly relieved that your 3D prints, as well as your first round of gifts, turned out alright. I haven't used other 3D printing services before, and it goes to show just how reputable Shapeways is. Vistaprint is great too, although I recommend everyone to make images brighter than normal for mug images since they print darker than expected.

                          I'd like to thank our wonderful TGNS friends for their help with the gifts: LossyCompression first suggested a gorge plushie (a box full of them that was scaled back in order to fit our budget). We hedged our bets on you not owning one already, and it paid off. VMan suggested using Vistaprint for the mugs as well as the poster. This worked out great since Vistaprint offers easy-to-use templates for printed images. HaX^ created the wonderful graphics for his World's Best Commander mug. At his request, I rendered some images using the in-game models for use in his designs. His logo creation and color selection (both the images and the mug two-tone color) were all him. AGTMADCAT came up with the idea for the "World's Okayest Onos" mug, which was a hilarious idea that we all enjoyed. Remi graciously provided the NS2 beta code for access to the original 3D models. Without his help, the 3D prints would not have been possible. Last, but not least, everyone who donated to our shareagift campaign helped turn these gifts into reality. Everyone helped brainstorm ideas for the gifts, and they also helped finalize our chosen designs.

                          Some gifts that didn't make it, but were awesome suggestions: a box of 100 obs (Midair), a Lego ARC (Twiglingen), a signed LoTR reading (HaX^), gorge socks for the entire family (Shifter), a crystal plaque (VMan), etc. There were many other great gift suggestions early on when the secret_chat channel was first created, and it was quite a joyous time that was fueled by our mutual, creative drive towards getting Wyz some heartfelt gifts. Throughout the entire process, you guys offered priceless feedback concerning changes made to gifts both on a broad and detailed level. I'm sure this has made a significant impact on how they turned out.

                          Shapeways 3D Printing Process:

                          As Wyz requested during his second unboxing, I'll explain how the 3D prints were created using in-game models.

                          In order to access the NS2 models, switch to the beta entitled build_207 - Archived Build for Art Source. By doing so, you'll download this old build and prevent you from playing online until you switch back to the current build. If you wish to do so, in Steam, navigate to Games > View Games Library. Right-click Natural Selection 2, click Properties, and in the Betas tab, enter forthemodders in the dialog box (thank you, Remi!).

                          Navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Natural Selection 2\assets\modelsrc and you should find a .zip file with the original models contained within. The extracted .max files can only be opened in 3ds Max, a 3D modeling application.

                          Most of the marine structures transform in-game through animations, so they are made up of multiple, separate meshes that intersect with one another. In order to 3D print them, they must be made into one contiguous, watertight mesh. This requires quite a bit of editing. In 3ds Max, the easiest way to first combine them into one mesh is by using the ProBoolean modifier. There are plenty of online tutorials for doing this. This will result in many stray vertices, which can be cleaned up using the Selection > Edges = 2 function within the ribbon and deleting the selected vertices.

                          Even after combining all meshes into one mesh for a certain model, there is much more cleanup involved. 3D prints must be hollow in order to be cost-efficient. 3D prints cost a lot more if the model is entirely solid since more material (i.e., filament for home printers) is used. For example, the CC contains command panels, a floor, etc. when it's open. I chose to print the CC in its closed form, so there's no point in the inside being viewable. Therefore, I spent a lot of time deleting the insides. Also, I had to fill in the gaps that the original model showed from the outside-in. This is largely up to artistic license, and I tried my best to merge geometry without greatly affecting the original silhouette of the CC.

                          After filling in the gaps of the CC, I followed the material requirements of Shapeways' Strong & Flexible Polished in order to hollow out the model and conform to their minimum wall thickness specs. For this step, I used Meshmixer's Edit > Hollow function on a solid model in order to give a minimum wall thickness. Again, there are multiple online tutorials for balancing polycount and time rendered.

                          Once the CC was hollowed out, I modeled holes on the bottom of the base in order to dispel excess material (nylon powder in the case of S&F Polished). This is a Shapeways requirement, and it's not too difficult to do with experience. They're not noticeable on these 3D prints since the holes are mostly on the bottom, although the ARC also has a hole on the bottom of the cannon.

                          If you have questions regarding Shapeways' 3D printing process, feel free to message me on our Discord channel and on Steam. :)

                          P.S. I uploaded my recording of Wyz's unboxing here:
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                            Ah, thanks for letting me be a part of the community before real life took me away!

                            Good luck to everyone!
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                              I'm a little late to the party and haven't played NS2 in many years, but those were some good times. I can say, unequivocally, that my best gaming experiences have been playing NS on a team commanded by wyz.
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                                Yea, I missed the party too. 15 years? Good times......




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