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  • A place for castaways

    Friends and cherished members of TGNS,
    I normally don't see reason to create threads but today I found one. Continuing from my post on Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, I wish to urge all members of TGNS who enjoyed teamwork, communication, and community to help me find a new home for us. It doesn't need to be TGNS mark two, it just needs to be a place we can say hi and occasionally play some video games. Natural selection 2 does not have to be the focal point, although it may be a good start because we obviously all have the game and seem to like it! I really enjoyed meeting so many people and making my (first) hard and fast internet friends (that I hope to visit someday in person) on TGNS. Any suggestions of ways we can keep in touch and continue our community would be amazing, because like I said in my post, I simply can't do this momentous task alone, at least for the time being. I am NOT asking for a new TGNS, because that burden is far too much for me to ask anyone to do voluntarily. I AM asking people to band together and help us find new, most likely smaller, ways to keep running into each other across titles, platforms, and communities. Any support no matter how big or small will be huge for me, and I know we have it in us to create something wonderful in the ashes of the server's shutting down.

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    A first idea is to make a discord group for those of us interested in staying in touch...any feedback on even an idea as small as that would be awesome. If I get 5+ supporters I will make the group and add as many people as are interested via steam or this thread


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      |TG-42nd|Wicks has created a #tgns Discord channel for our TGNS "castaways".

      Tactical Gamer Discord:

      TG doesn't allow recruiting for communities offering titles also hosted by TG, but TG isn't hosting NS2 anymore, so this will be a great place for TGNS folks to gather and keep in touch. Not everyone will show up, but it will be nice to hang out with those who do. Maybe it will facilitate TGNS regulars still getting to play some NS2 together somewhere else, and maybe the exposure to the TG Discord will facilitate TGNS fans playing some other TG titles.
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        Here's a better (not expired) discord invite:


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          I highly recommend adding me on steam or on discord if you have met me and/or want to be in touch. My steam is Shifter, and my discord is Shifter#0091. Do not be afraid to ask questions or talk about anything, I'm open to anything you have to say :).




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