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An Ode to Wyzcrak

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  • An Ode to Wyzcrak

    Wyzcrak has some of the best quotes. I was waiting until my TGNS anniversary, but this seems like the perfect time. ***These may have been taken out of context.***

    When I'm old I'm going to make an NS2 server with bots with your names. I'll just talk to you guys even though no one is responding.
    - Wyz (Dec 29, 2016)

    Don't get a dog. My dog doesn't help solve any of my problems.- Wyz (Dec 24, 2016)

    Sometimes giving up is how you win. - Wyz (Dec 11, 2016)

    All things will fail. - Wyz (Dec 8 2016)

    Any team can win until the game ends. - Wyz (Jan 16 2017)

    It would be awesome as marine if you could just wrap your jaw around something and do damage. - Wyz (Jan 19 2017)

    A skulk, a gorge, and a fade walk into a bar. The bartender says, "When did Wyz start fading?" - Wyz (Jan 21 2017)

    I was a bass, until the bass walked in the room. - Wyz (Jan 25 2017)

    Biting my lip is when I'm taking selfies - Wyz (Jan 27 2017)

    The real problem was marines not making love to the map. You know what I mean? - Wyz (Jan 29 2017)

    A skulk, a gorge, and a fade walk into a bar. The bartender says to the skulk and gorge, "Your friend will have to leave, no fades allowed." - Wyz (Feb 4 2017)

    Perfect would be... eight of me on aliens... and eight of me on marines. - Wyz (Feb 11 2017)

    The only thing better than being me, is the privilege of watching me. - Wyz (Feb 11 2017)

    All of life is a pre game game. - Wyz (Feb 24 2017)

    Can you hear the commander or are you just telling him to f*** himself? - Wyz (March 1 2017)

    Just in case you needed to be demoralized now. - Wyz (March 4th 2017)

    The best thing I heard about TGNS was that it wasn't the internet. - Wyz (March 18th 2017)

    I don't believe you. You get nothing. - Wyz (March 18th 2017)

    Move your butts! - Wyz (March 28th 2017)

    You all need to find a paper weight and put it on your c key. - Wyz (April 3rd 2017)

    In defense of the marine commander, he just saw Wyz join the alien team, so there wasn't much he could do. - Wyz (April 5th 2017)

    I'm just imagining sarcastic candy. "I'm so sugary free!" - Wyz (April 21th 2017)

    Mosquito lands on your desk, knocks his cigar ash down, "How you doin?" - Wyz (April 21st 2017)

    Wyz is bad at focusing when his minions are doing unhelpful things. - Wyz (April 28th 2017)

    Green in your urine means throttle back on the thin mints - Wyz (April 28th 2017)

    All you grey people look the same to me. - Wyz (May 5th 2017)

    Turns out I'm not 14 anymore. - Wyz (May 12th 2017)

    There is one unwritten rule, long cherished. No shooting Oni on pillars. - Wyz (May 20th 2017)

    Was the purpose of your 3 year hiatus exclusively to eat babies? - Wyz (May 22nd 2017)

    I say we let the commander weld this hive. - Wyz (May 23rd 2017)

    There should be a rope you can pull, and apple pie pieces will just fall all over the command chair.- Wyz (June 9th 2017)

    Name the kid TGNS. He can spend his first 15 years being told by all his haters how he's going to die any day now. - Wyz (July 1st 2017)

    Wyz cleaned you out like cobwebs in a corner. - Wyz (August 4th 2017)

    We won because I am a better commander than you. - Wyz (Aug 12th 2017)

    If you're the ass in the room, you're the ass.- Wyz (Sept 9th 2017)

    My plugin ain't causing ****. - Wyz (Sept 9th 2017)

    I just don't recommend being an Unknown World's moderator, an Unknown World's play tester, a community manager, a server operator, a modder of one of the biggest mods in the game, and an all around stand up guy, all at the same time. - Wyz (Sept 9th 2017)

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    This is amazing. I even remember some of these quotes.


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      This is so fun. Thank you.

      Originally posted by BigBadBert View Post
      Name the kid TGNS. He can spend his first 15 years being told by all his haters how he's going to die any day now. - Wyz (July 1st 2017)
      This is my favorite, and that's saying something.
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