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  • banned

    I was just banned for most likely harsh commenting to another player.
    I was a marine and the marines were doing bad but no very bad. There was an onos at base who continually would digest me when i had no heavy weapon or armor and continually just kept doing it. He wouldnt attack our base he would just keep eating me. I told him to stop and got really offensive to him after mentioning it to an admin and nothing was said or done and next thing i know i was banned.

    Phrases used were.

    "quit being an a hole and just attack me, i dont even have a gun please stop eating me"

    after the ROFL hahahha hahaha came

    "suck a ___ just stop being an a hole"


    if i was wrong ok but seriously is it just me or is it really wrong for an onos to continually just eat 1 person for no reason without actually following through with the rest of the game and attack marine base when the team had nothing and just kept phasing (no apparently they didnt get the fact that the onos was at base, but it aint like he was threatening it, as i finally learned)

    steam id ... 0:0:753170

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    Re: banned

    PM me when you've read the server rules, acknowledge which you broke, and have prepared the word sequence of your choice that will genuinely convince me that, in welcoming your SteamID back to the server, I'll not have to see again what I witnessed in you (that rule you're going to acknowledge having broken) tonight.

    That will begin the dialog which first must happen before you're to again play on TGNS with the SteamID you referenced.
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