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help me verify TGNS demos

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  • help me verify TGNS demos

    Guys, I need a favor.

    Next time you play, record a demo of a game, however brief (you don't even have to record the whole game.. just a moment is fine).

    When you're finished playing, see if you're able to view the demo.

    Report back here, please, with your results.

    To record a demo (console):

    record testdemo.dem
    - THEN -

    To view a demo (console):
    playdemo testdemo.dem
    - OR -
    viewdemo testdemo.dem
    ( please test with both of these last two commands)

    If you're unable to view the demo, please paste the relevant console lines into your post. Thank you.
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    Re: help me verify TGNS demos

    Record\playdemo works like normal for me.

    But whenever I try to do a viewdemo it plays for 1 second then quits back to the main screen with this error in console:

    BAD: 25:svc_bad
    Host_Error: CL_ParseServerMessage: Illegible server message - svc_b

    Here is the full output after viewdemo testdemo:

    ] viewdemo testdemo
    Playing demo from testdemo.dem.
    BUILD 3329 SERVER (0 CRC)
    Server # 5
    Added 969 resources.
    Received baseline with 168 entities.
    Protocol Version 47, Spawn count 5 
    WARNING! Server::ProcessMessage: packet read overflow.
    WARNING! Server::ProcessMessage: packet read overflow.
    * Privileges set 
    aeroripper is joining the game. So this is what a tagline is... 
    Demo file completely loaded.
    Last 32 messages parsed.
    22653 0298 WeaponList
    22653 0324 WeaponList
    22653 0347 WeaponList
    22653 0375 WeaponList
    22653 0398 WeaponList
    22653 0422 WeaponList
    22653 0450 WeaponList
    22653 0475 WeaponList
    22653 0508 WeaponList
    22653 0532 WeaponList
    22653 0554 WeaponList
    22653 0582 WeaponList
    22653 0604 WeaponList
    22653 0628 WeaponList
    22653 0651 WeaponList
    22653 0681 WeaponList
    22653 0710 WeaponList
    22653 0741 WeaponList
    22653 0771 WeaponList
    22653 0796 WeaponList
    22653 0819 WeaponList
    22653 0843 HideWeapon
    22657 0000 svc_time
    22657 0005 svc_clientdata
    22657 0052 svc_deltapacketentities
    22660 0000 svc_time
    22660 0005 svc_clientdata
    22660 0052 svc_deltapacketentities
    22662 0000 svc_time
    22662 0005 svc_clientdata
    22662 0007 svc_deltapacketentities
    BAD:   13:svc_bad
    Host_Error: CL_ParseServerMessage: Illegible server message - svc_bad
    Automatic connection retry...
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