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  • Banned.

    Yeah. I was banned, but never given a reason why. I didn't cheat, I didn't lag much. I made a few comments about gorge-sex (inside joke :D ) and then I'm banned permanently.


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    What game are you referring to? It might be good to privately contact the game's admins and discuss what happened. It's best to keep situations like these private so that others won't jump to conclusions.

    - It's who you game with.


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      Gorge.. Gotta be Natural Selection! Moving this thread over there.
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        all i have to say is, Kids will be kids and some are immature.


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          Thank you, Apophis.

          Strad, You were in a full server, typing... and typing.... and typing... and typing..... TO THE OTHER TEAM... instead of playing, and failing, completely, to help your team meet their objective(s). You've been kicked during the last week for various offenses, and you were warned before that.

          That is an answer to your question, not an invitation to, or an opportunity for, you to express how you feel about that answer here, in these forums.

          If you want to discuss this further, you have my personal invitation to contact me privately.

          Very privately, via PM in the forums.

          I didn't delete this thread, I responded to it. Now I'm locking it because your question has been answered. I banned you because you were acting like an idiot and didn't get the hint after being kicked SEVERAL TIMES IN A ROW. If I really wanted to get rid of you, I would have deleted this thread. Contact me so we can get you back on the server.

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