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Need help with a random ban

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  • Need help with a random ban

    I was playing this afternoon on the Tactical Gamer server at 7:23 PM and I was banned from the server shortly after someone who had been TKing for a whole map came back on. This TKer had changed his name to mine earlier so I was wondering if what happened was I got banned by accident. Now I know it wasn't this Tker that banned me but was "squeak, not responsible". If there was a reason I would like to say sorry in advance and ask what it was that I did in order that I do not do it again. Thanks

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    Re: Need help with a random ban

    If I could direct you to this link

    Mainly, it suggests you PM an admin and talk to them, i'm sure you can get this straightened out.


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      Re: Need help with a random ban

      if im not mistaken the steam ID is what gets your banned....or its your IP

      but yah PM the NS admin in charge...
      that sounds like a good idea trooper.


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        Re: Need help with a random ban

        PM an admin of your choice. From murmors behind our closed doors, I'd suggest starting with Squeak.
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