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Leaving to end the game.

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  • Leaving to end the game.

    It came up in a game today, that if a whole team reconnects (type retry in console) or at least enough of them to end the game, that it's not techincally f4ing.

    Now I think this goes against the spirit of the rule that f4 is only to be used to balance teams. If retry is allowed then there is no point in not allowing the use of f4 to end the game, as it accomplishes the same exact thing.

    Do the rules really need to be modified to cover this? Should there perhaps be another rule, along the lines of "don't be a dumbass"? Or is this already reflected in the rules, and people simply haven't caught on?

    If having the team reconnect is not against the rules, then I think we should allow the use of f4 to end it. If you have two commands doing the same thing, there is no reason to restrict the use of one.

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    Re: Leaving to end the game.

    Irish, I'm sorry you even witnessed this.

    This doesn't even warrant discussion.

    F4ing is a means to the ends we prohibit (quitting before the game is over). The ends itself is no less prohibited, regardless of the means.

    As always, PM any admin if you have questions/concerns.
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