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Mature gaming indeed

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  • Mature gaming indeed

    Thanks for kicking me without warning because you don't like something random that I said, and then ban me for acting like a dick about it. I've never had any problems playing on the server before and I didn't know that there was some rule about making jokes because my team is losing horribly due to scs being dropped and a team that can't get kills with cloaking. Sorry for the whole being a dick and typing in caps part but seriously there are tons of servers with admins that kick/ban for no reason and I didn't realize this was one of them.

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    Re: Mature gaming indeed

    Let me point out that most bans on this server are not permanent bans. However, rather than having the bans automatically expire after some time period (as if just waiting will make you a better player), the standard procedure here is to show up on the forums and (privately) apologize to an admin for your actions. If the admin is convinced, he can unban you much faster than if you had to wait for a time-ban to expire. If you're not willing to do that, waiting for a time ban wouldn't have done you any good anyway.

    This post is not a good start to solving your problem. Go read the "I'm banned...what now?" thread in the NS announcements forum for more detailed answers.


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      Re: Mature gaming indeed

      well put kero, another quick way to chat with an admin for NS is to jump on the TG irc channel

      that sounds like a good idea trooper.


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        Re: Mature gaming indeed

        You send a forum PM (don't use IRC) to a TGNS admin (preferably the one who banned you, but any will do if not).

        Tell him your SteamID, the playername you were using when you were banned, and any questions you have about the matter.

        With rare exception, bans are issued on TGNS to players whom we hope to welcome back, but not until we've had a chance to have a one-on-one talk. It's one of the many ways we manage quality control on the server. Warns and kicks happen, but bans come swiftly to those who prove unable and/or unwilling to play within TGNS rules. Yes, some bans are permanent (typically repeat offenders), but most requests for re-entry are granted after simple discussion, as most folks who ever play here have what it takes to respect the server, its rules, and its playerbase, even if it takes a brief ban to realize how much so.

        So, you're banned. Consider it an opportunity. Fire off a PM, and let's get things straightened out.
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          Re: Mature gaming indeed

          So much misinformation here.

          Kero, your comment is misleading. Admins need to be "convinced" that it won't happen in the future. An apology is a good way to begin that convincing process, but I don't want people thinking we're banning folks just so we can wait for them to grovel to us in a PM (I know that wasn't your message, but I don't want people to misunderstand). If we remove someone, it's because he's acting in an unacceptable way. Precedent dictates that the player will return to the server the moment admins are convinced the behavior won't return with him. After all, keeping folks removed from the server just makes it more difficult for us to enjoy it. So, ideally, all problems like this end in resolution and the player returning to the server.

          Trooper, you're wrong. IRC is not how you address an administrative concern. It's not how you contact admins. Forum PMs are how you contact an admin about something like this.

          I know you guys (not just Kero/Trooper, and not just this thread) are just trying to help, but please just show the restraint it takes to completely leave these threads alone. As players are called on not to create threads like this, please don't add to them. If you want to help, use the "Report this Post" button. That will get the thread the attention it needs. If you must contribute, direct the author, as briefly and politely as you can, to the rules/announcements about how to contact an admin.

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          Gunner, you may PM me at your convenience after you've read all of that.
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