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  • Hello!

    Hello all. As you can see I am Chark. I go by CharkBot in Natural Selection. It is an old joke that came from the Old Fogie community (I am not in the clan).

    Interesting fact: My name is Mark. This means that both my allias and real name are english words not only that... They are both names, nouns, and verbs.

    I found about this community from nsRadio. I won a res slot in a game. It is part of the Sever Sponser of the Week (Which appears to be longer than a week :D) I hope you have seen me in game. I realy enjoy the servers. OldF servers are nice and people there are not out to offend anyone, but it sometimes lacks teamwork that you really get in this server.

    I am now a CAL Caster (NS) for nsRadio now (Was not at the time I won the res slot). I am trying to contribute to the community at large. I hope you can tune in!

    I started playing NS around 2.0. Played for a while then lost the game for a long time. Ended up finding the OldF community (don't know how) and playing again in about 3.X beta (I don't remember which one). Then got caught up in school and guild wars. Stopped playing for a while (1-2 months) And a reformat did not help (did not have it installed).

    Thanks all and Enjoy,
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    Re: Hello!

    Thanks for taking the time to say hello, Chark.

    I'm glad you're enjoying the server. Be sure to read all of the required reading (atop forum index), as it is what makes this place what it is.

    Best of luck as a caster. Feel free to create threads here encouraging folks to tune in for various matches and the like.

    Otherwise, enjoy your slot until it expires and enjoy your time on the server! Welcome!
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      Re: Hello!

      Welcome to TG. Glad you have found us. This is your one stop for gaming. While browsing around please read all of our rules and SOP's. You will find some links in my sig.

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        Re: Hello!



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          Re: Hello!

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