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  • Scenario Plugin?

    I was thinking about a plugin that might possibly be made even with the smallest chance. Scenarios for CO and NS, basicly you have to play out certain scenarios voted for or chosen randomly (IE: Lerk V.S. JP fight). I have been thinking about this involving the teamwork we normally have and this might be great for figuring out ways to play a certain scenario that really requires team work. Various parts of the scenario could be put on the map in "nodes" that do things such as place a set of structures randomly in the area. Perhaps we could set up various tactical or skill excercises such as marines with only knives and skulks with only parasites (probly a bad setup anyways). Please give your opinion on what you think of making this "scenario plugin."

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    Re: Scenario Plugin?

    Knife vs leap would be challaging.

    In this plugin would be some kind of inforced training mode. You take one aspect vs another aspect and compete them. It would make people more skill by them selfs, however we could have teamwork involded. Let say 1 marine with a shotgun has to kill a hive before some number of skulk can leap kill him. Changing, requres cooperation from everyone on the server but can be a great lesson in teamwork. How would you kill a shotguner with leap? is there a good way to attack him?
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