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All but Wyz ignore this thread.

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  • All but Wyz ignore this thread.

    This post specifically intended for wyzcrak to download the new version of jester_v2 for the server. Files should extract to correct subdirs assuming you extract to NS folder.


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    Re: All but Wyz ignore this thread.

    If you only wanted wyz to enter this thead why not send him a pm?

    Anyway I am happy the new jester is out :)
    To bad it is late here, and the server is on ns :( the first time I have wanted a co game, in a long time.

    Anyway I hope it as good as the first, you did such a great job on that one.

    Play through it qucickly, the maze looked nice, tobad i have yet to find the door, or whatever you use to reach the room.
    The lava wall was fun, killed my self about 3 times on it, I like it when maps have new ways to kill your self, and your opponets, although it might be hard to get a marine into it, I am sure that serveral skulks and jps will die in their. The damage was a little low, only 20 per hit.
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      Re: All but Wyz ignore this thread.
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        Re: All but Wyz ignore this thread.

        I'll be delaying the introduction of this map for one week because of this thread.

        This should have been a PM.
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