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    It seems to me that with the coming of 3.0 the quality of players has decreased on the server. The server itself seems more alive and active, however many of those who come are jsut not up to par with what I expect to see at TG.

    People stacking teams and not switching (although we had a nice 8v s 5 for a while which we won :P), people switching teams when losing, others not listening to orders, asking for equipment, etc.... Comming has been frustrating a lot of the time because the only people who listened were the one or two regulars there at the time.

    I don't know if people are busy or whatnot but I have not seen much of an admin presence while these things happened. Perhaps you should consider giving more members lower level commands like kick, changemap. This is coming from a non member regular who is frustrated when he sees these things happening on his favorite server.

    Don't get me wrong, a lot of those who come and go come around to the ways of TG after a game and realize they have more fun when they do so. However some just don't seem to care and continue to be the way they are when there are no consequences.

    My small rant has come about as a result of the many games I played today for the most part, of which only a couple were truly enjoyable.

    Thanks, i'm done talking, time to cool off.

    I love gaming, mmmmmmmm

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    Agreed, the Public server has been rather Public recently. Much like a Public Toilet. :(
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      Combat seems to be the only way I have fun on this server now.. Plain NS is sorta give or take. It really depends on who is on my team. The game Polska is talking about, I had a great time, then again I had a couple of TG members on my team who actually listens.


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        I was with Pols for probably most of the games he's talking about. Stacking was an issue, people not working with the team, people just plain not listening, people making decisions on the alien team without consulting the team. it was pretty horrible. I was fustrated but remained quiet, because there was relly nothing i could do. I checked Aim and there was no admin on at the time either. I do agree with Pols, Somthing should be done.

        But as always, when the regulars show up, the games are awesome.
        - 52


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          The stacking issue was the result of one tard who made the marine team 8 players and refused to switch when the aliens had 5(his score was 1, he had just joined), or respond in any way to requests.

          Certainly something should be done. Personally I think we need more people with basic admin privileges to take care of that sort of thing. There's no lack of trustworthy people in the community who can handle that, right? An admin presence just isn't common enough to maintain the purity, so to speak, of the server when the pub scene is so active. At the very least we need a decent way to contact an admin when necessary.


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            There is this guy named "Psi_RedEye22" who is a real pain in the arse. I think he should be banned from this server. He will pretend he knows who I am, but he really doesnt, so just ban him... like now.. please... with sugar on top?


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              Okay, I think TG should ban all non-TG Cliches. Cuz non-TG chiches ban together and provide an anti-TG behavior which regulars are unable to ward off without admins.

              Thats all I'm seeing. Anyhow, It's not terrible, but when it happens it sucks... and worse than that, the team-stacking non-TG Cliches, usually (70% of the time) suck really bad

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                Once CD is enabled again, it will keep out the riff-raff. We had the same problem last time we didn't have CD.

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                  lol and i've had people call me nigger on the server for just lerking, and they're all like "OMG WE HAVE TO DEFEND BASE IF YOU DON'T COME YOU'RE A NEWB" when all the marines are dead in combat...


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                    Does CD work in Steam?


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                      Does CD work in Steam?
                      Negative. Its a Client Side Hook, and Steam will kick you thinking it is a cheat.
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                        Originally posted by Bentley
                        Does CD work in Steam?
                        Negative. Its a Client Side Hook, and Steam will kick you thinking it is a cheat.
                        thats weird because the TE server runs it


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                          CD works just fine with Steam. Steam will never kick you. Steam is a platform for delivering software, not a security mechanism. VAC, on the other hand, WILL take issue with CD.

                          CD will be installed on our server, and VAC will be disabled and ignored. We have no love affair with CD, and it too will be disabled and ignored in favor of something more effective, should anything ever come along.

                          Not only does CD more effectively fight "undesireable" modifications, but the requirement of a third-party software package running in the background keeps from the server MANY (not all, unfortunately) players that really have no clue whatsoever about what's going on.

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                            I saw in the server support forum that VAC might not even be working for the beta.

                            Do we have any ideas about getting the maps to change to ns_ for a full server? That would make a difference I feel.

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                              Hello thread. *Bump*

                              The implementation of Cheating Death.

                              Lets see, As much as I love not having noobs on our srever, the loss of people is important to address. We have lost lots of traffic on our server, some of you may think that this is a good thing, however, it's hurting our gaming more than you think. It's harder to get a NS classic map going when it's just like 10 regulars on the server. This is why you see small games and the server is never full. While i think cheating death is awesome at stoping hackers, so are admins.

                              Which leads me to...

                              Admins, Where are you? I know wyz is usualy findable, but the rest of you, aren't, and when i can't find wyz, and none of you, it's a problem. Now, if we took CD away....

                              If we took CD away we'd have a greater trafic on our server and we'd see more NS_Classic games. We'd also have a crazy amount of annoying people. Which leads me to!

                              More admins. While I think CD is a viable option to keep llama and cheaters out of the game, it hurts our traffic and hurts our gaming. It hurts our "Tactical-ness" by only allowing us to play combat games. While this is fun, as wyz pointed out, it gets boring fast.

                              As always, better than you.
                              - 52




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