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  • Windows Live Messenger Beta Invites

    Alright, I'm going to start off by saying that I would much rather be able to pay for a supporting membership right now, but funds are tight on my side. I do however wish to give back a little to the NS community, as well as the TG'ers that have been increidble friends to me, and all the other 'new' TG"ers.


    I do not know how many I have avaiable, (I'll just keep handing them out until I can't anymore) but I have been given a bunch of invites to the Windows Live Messenger Beta (aka. MSN8). It's basically msn, in beta form, with a few cool thingy's added here and there. feel free to check it out yourself.

    Hmm, I can't link to another site until i have 15 posts.. so just go to and look it up there. (I"m sure by now most of you have heard about it)

    Either PM me, or leave a post here,(i'll check back every few days as always) or remind me to check the post when i'm on the server, and i'll keep handing htem out until they run dry.

    *** I would love to have posted this in teh general forums, but I'm scared I'll get such an asking for invites, I won't be able to help out my NS-brother's (and sisters - keres) first.
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    Re: Windows Live Messenger Beta Invites

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      Re: Windows Live Messenger Beta Invites

      I agree. X-Fire and irc ftw!
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