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  • Hello

    Hi Guys

    I've just signed up to the forums as I've been playing on your server for a week or two now. It's great to have had so many good games in such a short period of time.

    I live in the UK and have been playing NS for a few years. As you may have noticed I'm not particularly skillfull but I try to do whats best for the team. I normally play on the YO Clan server in the UK which is also has a high standard of gaming. I feel quite lucky to have found two such good servers.

    Anyway, just wanted to sign up to say hi. See you on the server.


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    Re: Hello

    Welcome! Glad you could stop by the forums.


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      Re: Hello

      Welcome, Monkey! Do be sure to read all of the required reading, and make sure to get your SteamID in your forum profile, as the server treats differently players who have and haven't registered in our forums.

      Let us know what questions you have, if any.

      I've heard good things about the YO crowd. Cheesy has done a lot for Natural Selection.

      Great to have you with us. Many thanks for saying hello.
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        Re: Hello

        Welcome to TG. I hope you continue to check out the forums, there are lots of interesting strategy discussions worth reading and participating in.


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          Re: Hello

          Originally posted by ----paranoid----
          British invasion FTW!

          Welcome and Enjoy, nice to have another English accent around.
          You live in South Carolina... that hardly makes it a British Invasion.

          Welcome to the server Ninja :) Hope you enjoy your stay.

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            Re: Hello

            Hey ninja, welcome to the server :D
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              Re: Hello

              Welcome buddy.
              Playing with you today on teh server was great. To many many more games like thoes...

              aero - not just the server, to the forums too, dummy
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