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  • My comm skills

    I've been wondering abuot this for a little while now, and I think I have just figure out how to answer my need.

    I have been playing as a commander in maps now for about a year, and I've started to get a rather good idea of what needs to be done, how to do it quickly, stratagy, ect ect ect. But I've never really had any feed back other then "Gimme a shotgun now" or "Good game, thanks for the Victory Jetpack".

    Lazyeye's in need of a demo for his HLTV session, and I was wondering if it would be possible to have a night strictly about being a commander. (there's so many topics you could use within that, i won't get into them)

    To my second part, is there a way to make a demo of the commander. (I've never been able to switch to his view of the map). I don't think it's possible from within HLTV, but perhaps there's another way to do it...

    If anyone would a) like a comm-HTLV night, or b) knows how to demo a comm, let me know pls in this thread.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Re: My comm skills

    If the comm creates the demo himself then people can watch. Unfortunatly the demo night happens just before I get off work, sounds like a comm one would not wanna be missed.


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      Re: My comm skills

      For a comm demo, type:

      record yourdemoname (or whatever you want to call it) and it will start recording while your in the hotseat.

      Note: The walls from the topdown view and stuff will flash because its slightly buggy, but not a big deal. I use to record my comm demos a lot with voice_loopback set to 1 so I could hear what I was doing and saying at certain points in the game. Watching what I did or didn't do helped me learn my mistakes.

      then just type stop when your done recording and you have your demo.

      To play it back, type playdemo yourdemoname or viewdemo yourdemoname. I always had problems with viewdemo, as it lags playback on the demo badly on my computer for some reason, but playdemo works great.

      IIRC HLTV won't record comm demos, so if lazyeye were to show one this week it would have to be the one recorded from the persons personal comm demo.

      Coincidentally, I always found out what a source of lag was while I was in the comm chair, outside of my old cable modem (now a new motorola! :D) and zonealarm, was that it pauses once and a while while recording a demo in comm chair. When I turned off demo record, it didn't do it anymore. Maybe somebody with a really fast computer probably doesn't have this problem but I'll note it anyways.

      EDIT: I would also highly enjoy a comm demo night for saturday
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        Re: My comm skills

        I'll definatly try that out next game i'm comming on.
        thanks bud

        I just hope it doens't lag my POS system
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