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Great demo from thursday 30

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  • Great demo from thursday 30
    This demo was fantastic. Very large (58 megs). It was a long game.

    I'm just making notes now about it now, and I'll post in a few.
    Lazyeye, I think this might make a good demo for an HLTV session. I'll forward you my notes when I'm done.
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    Re: Great demo from thursday 30

    Here's the long set of notes. UNEDITED. (You can skip through most of them)

    Aero was comm

    started the match with marines quickly pushing beta / alpha / requiem
    aliens dropping cooling / cargo / temp? nodes.
    great little fight in external

    aliens rushed external, lost a bunch (didn't know where the marines were). Golem and Darkilla moved into cargo, and kept 3 or 4 ofthem busy for a while, which gave the rest of the team enough time to move into equi. got the movemnts down.

    Marines regrouped in cooland and powerd up temp, just as cargo was dropped. Aliens calling despreatly for a lrk, while the marines moved into Cargo's new hive.
    Aliens now have 2 fades, and the rush on cargo's done.

    Aeroripped calls for a rush into equi so we can get their base node down, with dead_meat the fade doing hsi best to stpo us. node down.
    Becon - rush temp.
    Movements finally up for aliens

    Golem / soul partnered up for a phase in cargo at about 6 minutes, knowing the hive was going to be up soon.
    AA UP
    pg in external. 2 fades on it, but no luck keeping the marines from flooding the phase and keeping it.

    AERO's BRILLIANCE told us to rush through temp, (2nd hive up). new pg up in the other side of cargo and we rush the hive.

    cargo hive saved, no luck. Aero gets mad at the team.

    we spawn back in marine start, and fail a pg at eq.
    aliens realize they need to hit nodes quickly, and send out a few skulks.
    few minutes pass
    10 minute

    Rush EQUI from an amazing pg no one noticed. Becon, second rush on hive, but the pg goes down intime.
    Marines are feeling squished now, no hives, no nodes, and the feeling of 'bad' sets in. Darkilla's mouse runs outa battery, so he plugs in the other one.

    12 minutes
    PG goes up in temp. alien team's spread out all over the map. (aliens 4mc 1sc)
    marines rush chambers in equi, as a distraction, and lose the pg in temp
    More bad vibes passing the marines as we look at positive / negative scores
    13min Weap 3 goes up,
    14min Marines push back the alpha side and get some RT's up.
    15min marines hold 4 nodes (alpha, base, beta, and requiem. Things arnt' looking good.
    The aliens drop alpha, and try to hold it, but marines know it's there. Aero's been saving res, so marines have plenty to work with. marines weld into the back of alpha, but aliens don't respond in time.
    Marines get a pg up at the top of beta, and Darkilla moves into Eqi seige spot to get a pg up.
    marines at alpha die, but a becon and a rush of equi wit shotguns destory's it. Aliens respond but no where neer fast enough. marines get equi node
    18minutes - aero demands nodes.
    19min - becon rush alpha. they push in the back way. oc's up, htey push through, and aliens dont' respond to HELP ALPHA. Alpha down.
    20min - aliens on one hive (cargo) but equi and alpha are clear. Marines push through beta into the back of cargo. and die quicklyto a rush of skulks.
    RisingSun makes one of the best John Woo moves ever while climbing a ladder with an empty gl and a pistol, capping a lerk who thought he was easy pickings.
    22min: problems with team switching (GWAHH!) Aliens lose a fade, and get equi hive u gain.
    24min, equi hive is up. Marines get a few heavies out, and a pg up in requiem. Pg goes down, and marines rush equi, now that the coolant OC's are down.
    heavy's power through.
    pg goes up, heaves watching out for aliens. fade and lerk go down to Golem (great job dude).
    Tf goes up. (on the marine comm, all you hear is WELD WELD WELD for the next 3-5 minutes
    27 minues - tf dies. marine heave weapons hold off all the alien advances. (Aliens shoudl have been moving across the map to remove rt's)
    28 minutes. seiges are re-dropped - big fight for control, but the pg just won't go down, (throw in a few becons, soem bile bomb) and now we're at 30minutes
    Finally at 31 minutes the pg goes down. seige failed.
    aero get's all to alpha. (hive's been dropped.)
    alpha drops easily to the organized marines. bearly n alien responds.
    onos get's up. (H Y P E R)
    33min - marines push down to external, and push right down into cargo.
    at 34:40 teh cargo hive starts to get hurt. but 2 fades, respond very quickly. mainres push back at 36 minutes and get into cargo, taking it down very very quickly.
    Jetpacks go up quickly.

    basically, a few more things happen, no need to comment, but it was a long, 45 minute game, that went increibly well and horribly bad fo both teams.

    Beautiful game
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      Re: Great demo from thursday 30

      It really was the team that won this game, not anything spectacular I did. I felt like I was just going through the motions while the teams actions dictated what happened.

      I hadn't commed a game in a while and I made a lot of mistakes (as soulflame mentioned) but once we managed to steam roll 2 hives in a 1-2 punch it really shifted back into our favor (and kept it there once we got heavies).

      cargo hive saved, no luck. Aero gets mad at the team.
      :row__572: lol

      I was also frustrated because my hot keys were screwing up and anytime I hit the hotkeys to select a building, it reassigned them to whatever I had selected at the time. So I eventually remembered I can click on the hotgroup icon to use it, instead of manually clicking on the minimap to get back there.

      Towards the end of the game the heavies wern't listening to orders and I actually had to sell the external PG so they would phase directly into temp control and march to the equi hive like I was telling them multiple times. But after we get them moving together with a beacon they marched to equi and killed the hive.

      edit: I also think the node rushes we did early in the game really slowed down the alien economy, and they wern't putting them back up fast enough.

      I just viewed the demo and it appeared the aliens fell into the "we've got this game" mentality and were surprised and disorganized when we really started fighting back again. Couple that with multiple deaths of fades it didn't look to well for their team.
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