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ns_shiva3.2b3 Check it out.

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  • ns_shiva3.2b3 Check it out.

    Changes from 3.1 version:

    -Flattened Draft Shafts: no more ladders, no more stairs.
    -Removed elevator in shiva core. Replaced with ramp.
    -enlarged 2 hallways in steam tunnels.
    -expanded maintenance and southern hallway overlooking maintenance
    -expanded walkways in shiva core
    -changed the animation on welding the node in shiva core to open up the room more. The center now gets out of the way.
    -enlarged hallway in lower level of generator.

    I can't post links to other sites, since I don't have 15 posts or more, but if you would like to download it, go to:

    after replacing the initial spaces with .

    I'd love to get some feedback on it, if you guys are up for it.
    Thanks a lot.

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    Re: ns_shiva3.2b3 Check it out.

    Nice work, to bad only a few seem to like this map (had some really great games on it).
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      Re: ns_shiva3.2b3 Check it out.

      I've loved this map ever since it came out, but like many, i've found it's needed a bit of work. Looking at teh change log, i think you've managed to hit almost everything i thought needed work, but I won't know until I play it.

      Wil this go up onto the TG server?
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        Re: ns_shiva3.2b3 Check it out.

        More than likely, but I need to have more internet acess than I have this weekend to do it. :)

        I'll try to have it up by Tuesday.
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          Re: ns_shiva3.2b3 Check it out.

          Ah, that mysterious one that appeared just once for me on TG.

          Cool map. I liked the appearance of the control centers.
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