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    I just changed my rates after having issues with registration and it seems to have worked fairly well. I'll cover each rate command below.

    Rate: Recommended setting: 14000-20000
    The rate command is based on data transfer rate, the higher the number the faster you will transfer. Use 20000 if you have a good stable connection (cable, dsl, etc.) If you are getting over 100 ping lower the rate command to around 14000, if your ping is over 200 lower it even more.

    cl_cmdrate: Recommended setting +5 your fps (or at your fps)
    You want cmdrate set to your fps, if its set lower than your fps you will be missing data from the server. Also make sure you have fps_max 100 set if you can get 100 fps.

    cl_updaterate: Recommended setting 30-60
    This is the tricky one to set this one correctly you need to enable netgraph by typing net_graph 1 in the console, the main focus will be on the bottom line of the netgraph. You will see mainly blue lines at the bottom, these are ok, if you see yellow lines you want to raise/lower your cl_updaterate by 10 till most/all of the yellow lines go away. Generelly 40-50 is pretty good for an updaterate. If you raise cl_updaterate too high you will get choke and yellow lines, you can check choke with a number value with net_graph 3. If you see red lines on the bottom on net_graph 1 your cl_cmdrate is lower than your fps, or the server is bad, or some type of network trouble is happening (choke.)

    ex_interp: Recommended setting 0
    Set this to 0, setting it to 0 will calculate ex_interp to 1/cl_updaterate, if you set your updaterate correctly the hitbox should be on the model. Make sure you retype ex_interp 0 in the console each time you change your cl_updaterate. The low interp is what causes the yellow lines, so try to get a cl_updaterate and a ex_interp 0 after that to produce no yellow lines, then your good.

    ex_extrapmax: Recommended setting 1.2-6
    This one is also tricky, basically if you see models skipping around (it looks like everyone is lagging) you want to raise it. Raise it by increments and when people stop skipping leave it.
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    Re: Rate Guide

    Good stuff. Thanks LazyEye!


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      Re: Rate Guide

      Many thanks, Lazy.
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        Pin it
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          Re: Rate Guide

          definatly pin this.
          I've been looking for explinations for a while
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