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NS 3.1.3 Server side patch released

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  • NS 3.1.3 Server side patch released

    NS 3.1.3 Server side patch released!!!

    [April 10th, 2006 ] :: NS v3.1.3 released (Flayra)

    The NS team has just finished testing NS v3.1.3 which we are now making available to the public! This is a server-side patch, so only server-operators will need to download it (both Windows and linux are included).

    NS v3.1.3 changelog
    o Gorges only get 50% health regeneration from their own healing spray
    o The alien resource tower "hull" has been increased in height to reduce the effectiveness of players hiding inside the model
    o The message printed when a player joins a team will not be displayed during the warmup. After the round has started, the message is not displayed more than five times a second to prevent client disconnects

    The patch is available from jarhedz here (no other mirrors are needed).

    In other news, lots of stuff is happening behind the scenes. The new site back-end has been a nightmare to get working but looks like it is finally getting close to release. We know how much you want to post to the forums again (and believe me, no one wants the Constellation program up again more than I!) but we are getting close to having things working smoothly again. The last thing we want is to be hacked again as soon as we go live so we're trying to make sure the site is as solid as we can make it. Once the site is back, we'll be announcing the changes in NS v3.2 as well (which will include some bigger improvements).

    Also, we are talking to a few serious investors and I'm quite hopeful that at least one of those will pan out soon. We also have some other revenue sources falling into place so we're hoping to start serious work on NS:Source very soon.

    Hang in there folks!
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    Re: NS 3.1.3 Server side patch released

    Per Poker's request, I've updated TGNS.
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      Re: NS 3.1.3 Server side patch released

      Eventually, I''ll have Wyz's server skillz. But I'll have to settle for being the idea man for now. :)
      Thanks, Wyz.

      Folks, leave feedback as to the server performance, si vous plais.
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        Re: NS 3.1.3 Server side patch released

        I like these changes. I'm glad they could fix the RT hull with a server side patch.


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          Re: NS 3.1.3 Server side patch released

          Thank you wyzcrak for patching the server!


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            Re: NS 3.1.3 Server side patch released

            Thank you for updating TGNS.


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              Re: NS 3.1.3 Server side patch released

              thanks bud

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