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  • Funniest game EVER

    So there the marines were... We were stacke dand knew it. So we relocate to the vent in tanith between sat and double. Crappy crappy relocate. End of the game went like this... Three ips near sat which was the alien hive. Nothing left but ips lol. And we rush the hive and win. It was hilarious. Then next game i killed Nin hells twice as fade each time i had a shot gun <3 had to add that haha
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    Re: Funniest game EVER

    Yea that relocate in that vent is a doozy to pull off well
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      Re: Funniest game EVER

      You mean the vent under chem?


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        Re: Funniest game EVER

        I presume the meaning to be in that vent, but out to the side towards marine start (as I don't think a CC will fit under Chem Trans proper).
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