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HLTV Session April 29th 8 est (7 cst)

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  • HLTV Session April 29th 8 est (7 cst)

    WHEN: Saturday, April 29 @ 8PM EST (7PM CST)
    WHO: Everyone is welcome
    WHERE: (and join TeamSpeak, too)

    Teamspeak information is located here If you have any questions about teamspeak you can send me a pm on the forums or find me on irc in #tacticalgamer on the gamesurge server.

    We will be watching a the HLTV demo from a cal match or a game on the TG server.

    I need demos, make requests to pokerface or other admins( I think others can do it) for demos off the server, make sure you include the day/time and map of the game you want

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    Re: HLTV Session April 29th 8 est (7 cst)

    Looking forward to this again this week.

    Many thanks, Lazy.
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      Re: HLTV Session April 29th 8 est (7 cst)

      Is there a command on the server, to flag a game for demo download? (perhaps some sort of automatic way for SM's or Admin's to automatically send and comment a download to the forums?

      Oh no. I just suggested another plugin

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