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I think I'm gonna be around again

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  • I think I'm gonna be around again

    I tend to phase between WoW and NS, I think I'm mostly WoWed out. Plus with summer starting I'll have lots of time to play. See you in server guys.

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    Re: I think I'm gonna be around again

    It'll be nice having you around more.
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      Re: I think I'm gonna be around again

      WoW is finally releasing its death grip. We better snatch up our buddies before they get pulled off somewhere else *looks at Eve...*
      You were once like the newbie who needed a hand from above and TacticalGamer gave you it.

      You owe the newbie who comes after you that same outstretched hand from above on your honor as a Tactical Gamer.

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        Re: I think I'm gonna be around again

        I've lost many friends to WoW. :'(




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