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  • My (Re)Introduction

    Howdy Ladies and Gents, CryForMe here.
    I'd just like to say hello to the community, to those of you whom I used to play with on other servers (2 of 8, aeroripper, and others), and to those of you i'm just meeting. I just finished playing about a 2 hours stretch on the server and thoroughly enjoyed it, reminds me of why I loved NS so much before my hiatus.
    Wont bore you all any further with any personal anecdotes or other useless mumbo jumbo, so i'll just leave it at "i'll see you on the server"!

    For admins - everything I needed to read has been read and noted, as well as primer signed and steamid listed in profile. Excellent setup you guys have. Looking forward to spending a lot of time here.

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    Re: My (Re)Introduction

    Welcome, and thanks for reading up. Please enjoy your stay.
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      Re: My (Re)Introduction


      Thoroughly enjoyed the games with you this evening. So pleased to see you taking the time to say hello here.

      Here's to many more great games.
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        Re: My (Re)Introduction

        Hey cry long time no see!

        Hope ya like the server.
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          Re: My (Re)Introduction

          New players always make me smile. :)
          Nothing like saving another one from the wild madness that is the rest of the internet.

          Welcome to the last place you'll play online games, and that statement amazingly doesn't imply we're going to kill you.
          You were once like the newbie who needed a hand from above and TacticalGamer gave you it.

          You owe the newbie who comes after you that same outstretched hand from above on your honor as a Tactical Gamer.

          Tactics at TG come from trust and friendship, not meticulous detail and rigid discipline.

          Everyone should be assumed mature until proven otherwise.

          We are no clan.
          We are not a single game.
          We are mature, intelligent, and cooperative individuals.
          We are TacticalGamer, a community above and beyond its name.


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            Re: My (Re)Introduction

            Oh we're gonna kill him alright. I'll kill you too Zeph, and you wyz, you're all dead you hear me. I'm gonna ram my lmg so far up your [email protected]# you're gonna @!*&@( *!&*( &(*@#! *(&*(!#&*(!*.

            - Polska
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            I love gaming, mmmmmmmm


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              Re: My (Re)Introduction

              I think WoW turned Polska a little aggressive! :icon30:




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