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  • Mic needs a boost

    My old headset recently died on me, and i bought a new one. The mic on my new headset is apparently too soft, and i have turned it up all the way in half-life, checked the gain boost box and turned it up all the way in my control panel. Anyone know of a good way to boost a mics signal beyond this?

    P.S. I can hear myself loud and clear during the mic test in half-life but people still tell me its soft. Also the mic stem is ridgid so i can't move it closer to my mouth.

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    Re: Mic needs a boost

    * Start > Run : sndvol32

    * Options > Properties

    * Recording

    * Make sure Mic(rophone) is selected.

    * Press OK.

    * Make sure the Mic "Select" checkbox is selected.

    Make sure it's the "Recording" Mic, and not the Playback Mic, of which you're changing the volume.
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      Re: Mic needs a boost

      While the halflife boost option is decent, most people need their operating system's settings to be boosted as well.

      For XP

      Control Panel
      Sound and Audio Devices
      Voice Tab
      Volume... (Button)
      You should now be in Recording Control
      Click on Advanced under Microphone
      Select Microphone Boost

      I think usually for NS I'm pretty loud on the mic. This is probably due to the fact that I have boost overlapping. To compensate I have my microphone volume settings almost all the way down. Same for the game settings in halflife 2. Out of games however, for vent and teamspeak or skype and other voips you may happen to use, the initial system volume settings for the mic (at those low levels) with boost on seem to do the trick.


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        Re: Mic needs a boost

        The advanced tab is greyed out. I have already been there and turned the recording volume up all the way.


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          Re: Mic needs a boost

          Try using voice_loopback 1 while in game. If you can hear yourself good, then your getting bad advice from your peers.




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