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    Tell the admins what you like or dont like.

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    Re: New Voice Codec

    I like it....


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      Re: New Voice Codec

      thumbs up.


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        Re: New Voice Codec

        What's not to like?


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          Re: New Voice Codec

          Originally posted by Emanon
          Tell the admins what you like or dont like.
          I missed something... what are we talking about? Where is the codec?
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            Re: New Voice Codec

            Turns out Ema discovered a setting (disabled by default) with STEAM HLDS that allows HLDS to use the Speex codec (ala Teamspeak/Ventrilo) for voicecomm instead of the default MILES codec. It vastly improved the quality, stability, and overall reliability of HL voicecomm. It doesn't sound half as good as Ventrilo, but it sounds twice as good as HL voicecomm has ever sounded.

            I'm eager to hear Tempus now that we've switched codecs on the server.

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              Re: New Voice Codec

              Martin Otten did most of the work to get Speex up and running for our games
              about a month ago, and we just recently released it to the Steam beta.

              So far it appears to be working pretty well, and we're interested in doing
              more work using Speex going forward.

              I'd love to hear any feedback that people have using it, especially at the
              different quality settings. The information on how it works in the
              Half-Life/Counter-Strike environment is here for people that are interested:

              The codec that a client uses is determined by the server, so use this
              command on your server to switch over to using the new one:

              sv_voicecodec voice_speex

              And then these commands to change between different quality voice streams
              (also on the server):

              sv_voicequality 1 : 2400bps, lowest quality
              sv_voicequality 2 : 6000bps
              sv_voicequality 3 : 8000bps
              sv_voicequality 4 : 11200bps
              sv_voicequality 5 : 15200bps, highest quality




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