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    I've been see alot of people clogging up the Mic with idle jibba jabba lately. I'd like to ask that when you play try to remember that other people are trying to play also. Non game chat has a couple issues associated with it (bulleted because it makes things look important)

    o It fills your fellow players headsets and they can't hear the enviroment. As we all know hearing the skulk is usually more important thank seeing it.

    o It recently made a pre-captains planning phase take unreasonably long, and while people are trying to plan it makes it difficult for them to communicate. This also refers to in game team work as well

    People come here to play a game, if you want to chat about your day or HL gravity physics, or w/e TG is kind enough to provide us with a vent server and these wonderful forums. I'm even interested in the conversation half the time and would be glad to chat about it. But not in game :D
    Thanks peeps

    Game On!

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    Re: In game Chit-Chat

    Well said Tinker. Thanks for the reminder.
    birdie_in_Texas:ok..i feel stupid here..what is "NS"..? Wyzcrak:Natural Selection. Don't feel at a loss for not knowing the acronym. Feel at a loss for not having experienced the game.




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