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HLTV session: July 8th 8 PM EST

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  • HLTV session: July 8th 8 PM EST

    WHEN: Saturday, July 8 @ 8PM EST (7PM CST)
    WHO: Everyone is welcome
    WHERE: (and join TeamSpeak, too)
    WHAT: We will be watching a HLTV demo from the TG server or a cal match as a learning experiance or to see a well played match.

    Teamspeak information is located here If you have any questions about teamspeak you can send me a pm on the forums or find me on irc in #tacticalgamer on the gamesurge server.

    I notcied some people were having problems with teamspeak last week, remember to pm me if you need help with teamspeak. Teamspeak can be downloaded at this link

    We will be watching a HLTV demo from the TG server, while I and others do commentary and answer questions.

    I have gotten some demos from the /hltvsession command, please continue useing the command for any games you think were good, a game doesn't need to be long to be good.

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    Re: HLTV session: July 8th 8 PM EST

    I have something to do on saturday that may make me late for this HLTV session. If I don't show up at 8 PM EST we can delay the HLTV session till 9 EST.


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      Re: HLTV session: July 8th 8 PM EST

      We just started watching this game, and it's a long one, and it's a GOOD one. Join up if you can. Join TeamSpeak first. (see first post)
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