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End Game Stats Upgrade?

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  • End Game Stats Upgrade?

    This thread is to touch on two subjects. One Wyz has already brought up about random. The other is to possibly solve the problem, and add some more fun to the end game stats.

    I've played some CSS games that at end-game you were told how many shots YOU fired, how many YOU hit, and how much damage YOU did. It gave you other random stats such as weapon used most, your favorite target, whose target you were, and most of a certain type of death (IE: You died the most to the knife).

    I'd kind've like to see something like this impletemented into the game. We could also maybe use this to solve Wyz's problem. The thread was 7 pages long, and I didn't exactly feel like posting at the end of it, nor did I have the time to read it, so I figured I'd throw this out there and give an idea to Wyz's topic. As far as the random goes, maybe we could implement this to possibly record stats, or maybe just damage or something, and sort the players when random is used by the data this records onto the server.

    Suppose we recorded three people's deaths over a series of 5 games. Person 1 has 260, person 2 has 340, and person 3 has 100. The server would automatically assume that person 3 has more skill than person 1 and 2. The only problem I see with this is recording how long a person has been playing, or how many games there have been played. (IE: Person 1 has 360 where person 2 has 200, but person 1 has played 6 games as opposed to person 2's 3.) Maybe we could go by averages (IE: Person 1 has 300 kills over 5 games, person 2 has 310 kills over 5 games, and person 3 has 400 kills over 5 games.) I don't even know if it's possible to record all this, or if it's possible to record deaths/kills or games played. If it is, but kills/deaths are too complicated, maybe we could go by shots fired and hit percentage. I know that the above plugin could record hit percentage. Maybe we could judge people (listed as steam id's) by how much percentage they have, or how many shots fired/shots hit they have.

    I know that we could record stats such as these to a website back when I played TFC and it was off the HL1 engine, so why couldn't we do it for NS?


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    Re: End Game Stats Upgrade?

    I can't modify the awards plugin we use, as I'm not cool enough to code for Metamod (it is not an AMXX plugin).

    I don't have any plans to code a replacement plugin, but I've got a feeling Poker wouldn't mind bantering around the possibility of installing on TGNS something someone else coded which was sufficiently team-oriented.

    The balance system is based plainly on W/L ratio, and I don't plan to revisit its design until we get much closer to its full potential data gathering.
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      Re: End Game Stats Upgrade?

      Perhaps the kill/sdeaths should be averaged over play time rather than games and then averaged together.

      IE: If I die an average of 3.4 times a minute... ;) so that puts me at 42nd place on a "death list", then I make 0.89 kills a minute... ;) and that puts me 37th on a "kill list". My two places averaged together are 39.5 :icon_bigg that's my overall standing on a list to be alternatingly sorted from top to bottom, or bottom up I suppose...between the two teams.

      just a little thought in case this actully turns out to be implemented :icon20:
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        Re: End Game Stats Upgrade?

        If I vaguely remember my history correctly, there's something in NS combat that prevents the CS style 'you shot xxx times'. The log doesn't really record if someone actually hit something when they shot their gun...or some such.

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          Re: End Game Stats Upgrade?

          No Stupid, I know that if you check the console it won't display game stats like it does in CS. It's just something I think Unknown Relms did to stop spamming, as players are respawned and not killed until end of round.

          However, this begs a question... How are the awards given out at the end of the match with specific stats?

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          It's a nice idea, having it though, even if it was just end of the match....

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          Only 7 of them hit targets

          Having it progressively save like that would mean that the server would have to write to a hard drive constantly with updated stats, and retrieve them begining of game. I don't know the state of the servers, how big the hard drives are, or how they're serviced (ie deleting stats of those that haven't played in a month).



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            Re: End Game Stats Upgrade?

            Tbh, shots fired and hit isn't exactly pertinent. For example, I can shoot perfectly at an alien, but due to the cone of fire (and distance) miss more than half.




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