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HLTV session: July 29 @ 8PM EST

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  • HLTV session: July 29 @ 8PM EST

    WHEN: Saturday, July 29 @ 8PM EST (7PM CST)
    WHO: Everyone is welcome
    WHERE: (and join TeamSpeak, too)
    WHAT: We will be watching a HLTV demo from the TG server or a cal match as a learning experiance or to see a well played match.

    Join teamspeak before the demo is started. If you have any questions about teamspeak you can send me a pm on the forums or find me on irc in #tacticalgamer on the gamesurge server.

    We will be watching a HLTV demo from the TG server, while I and others do commentary and answer questions.

    I have gotten some demos from the /hltvsession command, please continue using the command for any games you think were good, a game doesn't need to be long to be good

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    Re: HLTV session: July 29 @ 8PM EST

    I'm out of town this weekend. I look forward to next weekend's.
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