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Most ridiculous item of the day.

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  • Most ridiculous item of the day.


    The TG NS server has been the FIRST NS server to ban me. Why? b/c I called the ceiling near a hive in ns_rampage a name meaning that guys like guys and girls like girls.

    I didn't expect people to be so upset about a word used everywhere from a kindergarden playground to a mental facility. But hey, if I dont like it, play somewhere else--which is what I'll do.

    Sry...but you wont see me playing there again.


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    Re: Most ridiculous item of the day.

    Hmm, that's too bad. I enjoyed playing with you. o.O


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      Re: Most ridiculous item of the day.

      This is not the proper way to deal with bans. Please read our required reading and contact an admin preferably the one who banned you.

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        Re: Most ridiculous item of the day.

        Pretty, pretty please, no one be surprised when you are banned for an infraction of our rules.
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