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Lack of TGNS interest...

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  • Lack of TGNS interest...

    Everytime I log into the forums these days, I see rewards ribbons and postings of BF2's performance, and game days, and all that, but never do I see anything about NS.

    I know that NS's society is limited to a very few familiar people, but why does BF2 and PCS and GR and all those games get ribbons and stuff and we don't? We defend. We offend. We attack with undeniably excessive force. We consume and we take over when we play our tactical NS. We are the elite of TG, in my opinion. BF2's servers have died, and the rest of the FPS games are mostly played on a strict scheduled basis, rather than EVERY SINGLE NIGHT like we at TGNS.

    I was drawn to TGNS to begin with because of the people. The crowd is the best group of fella's and gal's that are in TG, in my opinion. We make up the backbone of TG because of our dedication and addiction to our gameplay and style. We make people come back, and it's not because we're all pretty people. We don't make people smile, we don't make people cool to hang around with us. We give people a game environment that people have NEVER experienced before. We play hard, and we play fair. We make up a very small percentage of TG, but I seem to see a lack of respect for our kind.

    I want my TGNS ribbons!

    Why does BF2 get Distinguished commander when TGNS has the best commanders in the field? Why do most all of our other games get best squad leader when Turbinator deserves it over most of them for screaming and the players and the commander when they get out of line? Sure, I can see anti-tank not applying to us. Sniper. Medic... etc... but why not distinguished welder? If BF2 gets distinguished armor, why can we not get not distinguished skulk?

    I'm calling for a challenge. Let's make our own ribbons. Let's make our TGNS shine above all, because we all know that we have the MOST tactical play of the entire community!


    Yer Mom /O>

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    Re: Lack of TGNS interest...

    I've never been big on the idea of military style ribbons for NS. At least in my opinion, it seems they deviate to far from the theme of NS. I would rather see something like "distinguished comm" with a nicely made commander icon. I'm thinking more along the lines of a starry background with the icon inside, but would still look good in signatures.

    EDIT: removed example as it was to ugly :P
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      Re: Lack of TGNS interest...

      Ribbons were discussed among the TGNS development group a few months back and it was decided that they would not be implemented in our corner of the community. Pokerface can give you further reasoning if you so desire.
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