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  • Question about MC's

    I never have figured the exact logic that decides what hive you go to when you hit an MC. If someone could enlighten me of it, I would be very appreciative. I guess what I need to know is are they like pgs that if you are in the bottom hive if you hit one to go to the top hive will hitting one in top hive send you to middle or bottom?

    Some examples of other scenarios.

    2 hives built, MC equal distance from both
    2 hives built, MC very close to one hive
    3 hives built, MC in MS

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    Re: Question about MC's

    You're always taken to the completed hive farthest from the MC you're using, unless a hive (completed or not) is under attack.

    This is why you often can't use an MC to get to the hive placed in the middle of the map once all three hives are online.
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      Re: Question about MC's

      ya, that pretty much sum's it up.

      One thing to note, is that on TG, we have friendly fire. So the gorge that drops the hive, USUALLY stays in the hive, to shoot it with a ball of gorge spit. This attacks the hive causing both the "Our hive is under attack" and allowing you to Movement (use MC) to that hive.

      On some of the other servers, there is no friendly fire, so a marine would have to shoot the hive (before it goes live) to let everyone movement over.

      ** Example **

      Say a shotgun rushes the hive gorge and kills him before he get's a shot off. The alien team will want to get their players into the new hive, but without the ability to hit it, they have to run. Normally, in this case, 2 skulks will rush marine start, and try to hit something or confuse the comm, the fastest/closest alien (lerk or fade usually) will run in, and swipe/bite the hive, while the rest of the alien team gathers neer an MC. This can get an entire alien team into the hive VERY quickly, before (or just as) the SG Marine is building/finishing his phasegate.

      Note: Once everyone movements to the new hive, there will most LIKELY not be an MC there, so all the aliens will have to RUN to the old hive, or a gorge will have to build an MC in that hive.
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