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Awright... I'm tired of this FPS lag of mine

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  • Awright... I'm tired of this FPS lag of mine

    It seems to me that Steam in general doesn't like my computer. I cannot get NS to run at a smooth 60 fps. I cannot get CS to run at a smooth 60 fps. I cannot get DoD/Any other mod except Half-life, TFC, and HLDM to run at 60 fps (and that's without taxing thing, like... massive fighting in the canyons of the map badlands on TFC).

    Free computer #1: I didn't build it, but it was the right price!
    Here is my issue. I started up my old p2 233, 96mb Voodoo3, 96 MB Ram, win98x2 to test something. That computer still has WON Half-life installed alongwith 1.04 NS (as well as Steam equivalents). On the WON system, that PC could run those games at 60 fps (excluding that version of NS, I could only get that to 30, even with my exhaustive efforts of voodoo3 tweaking, but anyways). Now, on Steam I could get them to run at 20-30 fps, mostly steady, except NS again, that was more spf than fps (spf = seconds-per-frame for those you lacking the mental faculties), regardless, NS STILL ran at 15 fps with a pg in the screen.

    Free computer #2: I still didn't build it, but it was still the right price again!
    This computer is a...
    MB: ASUS TUV4X ACPI BIOS Revision 1005 <-- Can't run 4x AGP when it should and is actually labled as being able to, i.e... TUV4X.
    Proc: 1200 mhz P3
    RAM: 512 mb <-- 314 mb free, oddly enough.
    Video Card: Geforce FX 5700 <-- SHOULD run HL1 games at 60 fps...
    HD: 120 gb @ uh... 11k rpm? Don't remember anymore. <-- 90+ gb open, defragged to 99.9%, no virii, spyware, foistware, malware, ..."poo"ware, etc
    OS: WinXP Home sp2

    Honestly, this machine should run NS at 60 fps smooth, 24/7 but it just simply can't. I've tried running it with all the little in-game tweaks running. I've tried lower resolutions (which led to LOWER fps) and higher resolutions (best results so far a windowed 1280x800 widescreen). Lower and higher settings in-game. Different processes running on the video card. I truly am at wit's end.

    Here's my question: Does anyone have ANY useful information or suggestions that don't revolve around cash expenditure.
    I refuse to buy parts for this system for more than one reason, one namely because I will be building a system in the next 6 months, and two, this mboard cannot actually be upgraded.

    *Assistance Please!*
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    Re: Awright... I'm tired of this FPS lag of mine

    With your 4x issue, make sure your mobo/bios drivers are up to date but do so at your own risk. Dont forget steam also takes up some amount of ram.
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      Re: Awright... I'm tired of this FPS lag of mine

      The next mobo revision updates some mundane aspect that gives me no reason to deal with the hassle, unfortunately. They released a "fix" ages ago, but gee, it still didn't work... the wonders of marketting at work...

      Steam takes about 10k RAM, so I seriously doubt that is the issue.

      Thank you anyways.

      Topic of interest: Steam = Memory Leak to the Max?


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        Re: Awright... I'm tired of this FPS lag of mine

        Hey, try setting steam to low priority in task manager (ctrl alt del). I heard a rumor that that will double your fps.


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          Re: Awright... I'm tired of this FPS lag of mine

          You also may want to set your fps_max to less than 60 if it can't hold 60 steady. It might make it better for you because then you'd just have a steady but lower fps which you could adjust to.


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            Re: Awright... I'm tired of this FPS lag of mine

            first, drivers, make sure your uptodate. Check everything assume nothing.

            second, run minimal background processes. Turn off everything down to your spool (printer) service if your not needing it. Depending on your level of comp expertise, you can get alot or a little done.

            third, tune your system for preformance.

            1) turn off system restore, (saves space on your drive)
            2) Defrag if over 50% drive usage
            3) Right click on your desktop, go properties, go to the appearance tab, click effects. turn off your menu fade effects (general performance upgrade)
            4) turn off msn (big problems with steam and msn I find, but not for all)
            5) Ctrl Panel - System - Advanced (tab) - Performance. Just uncheck everything. The less windows has to think about, the better.
            6) if it still doesn't work, post back, and i'll go through more tweaks
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              Re: Awright... I'm tired of this FPS lag of mine

              1) Currently at 5%. There are enough instances that I need system restore, so it cannot be completely removed. 5% is also an extremely low percent of total HD space.
              2) Not over 15% Usage. Defrag is at 99.9%.
              3) Reduces "explorer.exe" performance cost by about 2 kb of RAM, nonissue. No fps difference.
              4) Don't use msn/aim/whatever
              5) No change in performance. "explorer.exe" ran at same memory usage.
              6) Post!

              To be honest, I doubt it is performance issues dealing with windows having too much to think about. My system is generally running at <1% usage and right now, as I am typing this, NS is taking ~10-15% memory to run (no server connection).

              Looking more at the issue, I find it kind of curious that I can run much hardier applications at a higher fps. One example of a program run on this computer that you would recognize would be Everquest 2 (no I do not play it anymore... thankfully... yuck, anyways). It sickens me that that may have run ~20 fps at low-medium, but it looked much better than NS does and NS runs anywhere from 10-60 fps (never holds 60 unless it is a very convenient location with few people) and tends to hold at the lower end of the spectrum.

              I am downloading 3dmark05 to get some numbers that may give a better representation of what this PC may be able to do. I don't expect much, but again, free pc = beggars can't be choosers, but they can sure futz around with what they get.

              *Edit: 620 3dMarks. For a PC that is from 2001, I can't really complain.
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                Re: Awright... I'm tired of this FPS lag of mine

                Make sure antialiasing and anistropic filtering is off as well as verticle sync. These settings kill on memory both ram and gfx card. If these settings were already off then read on.

                Here you go, its the agp4x registry turn on or a driver. Check this site out. Now since you are running on xp sp2 im not sure if any of these fixes or utilities would help you. (Im not able to post url's but your solution will lie around You click on download, ur product is a motherboard, your series is whatever your cpu socket is and your model is TUV4X.
                I would need some more imput from someone on the forum if its safe to run drivers for an older os on a newer one. But the agp4x fix is either a registry key or a driver problem.
                <<Remember only use these if you know its safe or if reformatting your hd isn't a big deal.>>
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                  Re: Awright... I'm tired of this FPS lag of mine

                  I serriously doubt that this is affecting it but it could also be your monitor! The communication between both your monitro and computer are key! If you were to say be using an apple monitor with an adapter on your PC that would slow it down. Also if you have an old CRT monitor with a really low response time that would also hurt your FPS...


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                    Re: Awright... I'm tired of this FPS lag of mine

                    Maybe your having overheating issues with that video card. Check your system's temperature with Motherboard Monitor 5, google for it.

                    I think it might be that because something like that happened to me. You'll see, I used to run an Athlon XP 1600+, 512mb RAM and a Radeon 9200se, which is really low-end. Still, I played comfortably most of the time, until I started hitting 20fps after some time. I really couldn't figure out what was wrong, even staring at a wall my fps varied from 80 to 20 and vice versa in only fractions of seconds. And then after rushing a hive I'd get insanely low fps, even after the rush finished and I was back at marine start staring at a wall.

                    I thought my Radeon 9200se really didn't want to live anymore. Anyway, I bought a Radeon 9800se (still low-end, but it was cheap and definitely better) but didn't solve the issue at all. So I happened to have a case fan around and installed it, after which I finally got 60+ fps most of the time, no matter for how long I played or how intense the fights got. I think the overheating started when I installed an extra hard disk to my computer, otherwise I have no idea.

                    So, maybe ever since you upgraded your video card you got the system overheating. Check that software I told you about.

                    Other than that, I would think its your CPU. For some reason Steam refuses to accept HL1 is outdated and thus, does anything to lower your performance on older systems, even though they should run games right.


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                      Re: Awright... I'm tired of this FPS lag of mine

                      One question. Who is the manufacture of the video card. I know that GeForce makes the chip but who make the card. Also if you can find it the amount of video memory on the card. They made a 32MB version of that chipset for some ungodly reason. But it could be anywhere from 32MB - 256MB.

                      I used to run the 256MB 5600XT which was basically the early release of the 5700 chipset. I.E. almost equvilant bus speed etc. Ran CS:S on high end graphics with AA enabled at 28FPS which is good for the chipset.

                      My guess, low end card manufacture making for higher suceptibility of burnout or low marks.

                      EDIT: Took a look into it and if it is a 5700LE it was known to have very poor performance but had the chipset so they could call it a 5700. Also the monitor should have a min refresh rate of 60hz and to my knowledge has nothing to do with FPS from a vid card. Could notice lag but on a machine that old it wouldnt be noticable anyways
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                        Re: Awright... I'm tired of this FPS lag of mine

                        LuxOFlux: AA and ASF are set. Now, on your AGP 4x. I have gone through the bios. The motherboard is garbage. You can't manually change the AGP to 4x from 2x. It just doesn't work for some unknown reason.

                        SirusBlk: SyncMaster 712N Samsung LCD 17'' monitor. Currently not using the special drivers the monitor "requires," but I had them on the original HD (it burned out) and it didn't improve performance a'tall.

                        lagarto: No overheating here as far as I can tell. The Video Card doesn't go above 44&#186;C. Used to run ASUS temperature probe (hardware as well). Haven't restarted it, but by my fan performance, I doubt it is above its threshold. It'll shut itself down regardless (well, that's the assumption, but the fans do seem to function properly).
                        Your final comment about Steam I will have to harass the SteamSupport with. Kind of an interesting idea.

                        Dr.Pepper: Interestingly enough, this card was actually, amazingly enough, manufactured by nVidia itself. It is a true 256mb Geforce FX 5700. Noticed something though, its AGP memory is rated at 32mb. I will consult Tom's Hardware for that, but nonetheless, it is a true 256mb.

                        The curious thing about this is, this card is not the original card. It came from my brother's newer system because he wanted to take screenshots in Oblivion. This card does not support HDR lighting and for some unknown reason, Oblivion disables screenshots if HDR lighting is deactivated. Regardless, this card ran Oblivion at low->high settings (grass and ultra-high detail stuff like that had to be off of course) at ~~30-40 fps. Definitely playable.
                        The original card was a Geforce4 Ti 200. It ran at the exact same capacity this one does (at times lower, admittedly, but still).
                        I wonder if it is possible that this machine just needs more RAM or a better processor. Honestly, I can't upgrade the processor (mboard already has best possible on it), but RAM I could definitely do.

                        **Edit** Speaking of RAM. I recall this computer has actually one stick of RAM in it of 512mb capacity. Could a dying/loose stick be a source of lowered performance? It seems like I'd have much more severe issues if that were the case, i.e... computer wouldn't even run, or it would be at a really really low performance level (or even non-stop safe mode booting by Windows [if windows could even load]).


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                          Re: Awright... I'm tired of this FPS lag of mine

                          If you are conerned with you ram, try using a program designed to benchmark and stress your ram specifically and see if any errors come up. I use orthos stress prime when i overclock my cpu to test system stability and performance.
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                            Re: Awright... I'm tired of this FPS lag of mine

                            I don't know the answer to your problem, but dollars to doughnuts it's not an optimization issue.

                            When I run NS for a long time, it sometimes does the same thing to me - it just stops reading my vidcard (seemingly) - I alt+tab and go back in and it picks it up just fine. In my experience, Asus simultaneously sucks and blows. If I were you I might (assuming you know for a fact it's FPS lag and not Ping/Choke/Loss/Rate/Steam Setting/Bandwidth lag) I might try playing with resolutions (turning them up to 1024*768 or whatever your native monitor res is) or playing with over|underclocking to fix heat or performance problems.

                            You could also try to roll back the drivers or update them (on your mobo or your graphics card). It might help to remove, undust, and reseat the card. You might look into how your cabling is set up, or any physical drives that might be confusing your system.

                            Honestly I think you're just screwed because of your mobo (I have two of them. One's fan broke and they refused to send me an exact copy replacement, so I had to remove the onboard fan (or send them the entire board), which is a pain to do if you don't like taking your computer apart) and the other just has "issues"). But you could give a couple of those a shot.


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                              Re: Awright... I'm tired of this FPS lag of mine

                              Check ns settings if you have OpenGL or D3D acceleration.




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