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Points Abuse and Actions to be Taken

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  • Points Abuse and Actions to be Taken

    Friday, Sept. 1st: 3:55 PM, central.

    Server is full of mostly regulars. Aliens are at an extreme win, kills are 70 marines 130 aliens.

    A certain registered member decides to take it upon himself to buy extra upgrades. This player was on aliens, the winning team. The game was at about 11 minutes, almost over. We had PLENTY of people to go NS.

    The marine team saw that he spent those points, extending map time another 15 minutes, and of course, we started griping. I probably took the wrong course of action, but I told the admin we had on to go ahead and change the map.

    Arguements were raised by the alien team that certain admin would agree with the general vote to keep the co map, yet the general vote was ONLY the alien team on a 7 on 7. That makes it only half the vote.

    Is this abuse? I say so. I believe that points are given to us for privileadge, and should only be used to influence the game when the entire server wants them to be used. Extraupgrades for marines is kind've pointless when the kills are 70-130, aliens favor.

    What course of action should be taken? Most of the server, like stated above, were regulars, meaning that most of us would rather be playing NS. I didn't tally a vote, but it was definately a rude thing to do when the aliens are winning as well as they were.

    What's the call?

    Yer Mom /O>

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    Re: Points Abuse and Actions to be Taken

    If the admins need the players' help deciding what is and what isn't abuse of the server commands, or what action follows said abuse, or if any discussion needs to be had around that, an admin will call for public discussion.
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