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    Maybe this should just be a PM to Wyz, but figured since it was a big game, someone may feel the need to post about it :D

    Anyway, there was a nearly hour long game with myself as commander on ns_eclipse today. Aesop tried to save it for the HLTV session, but I think he may have failed, which is why I'm posting. Though there was probebly some point where the marines could have taken it, the aliens had some amazing teamwork on there side as well. No team was giving up. atleast 4 hive takedowns, MS was killed a couple of times, heavies were in play for a bit, seiges, ninjas, rushes, you name the strat, the marines did it. Aliens, I don't even know how many onos were taken down that game.

    So ya, I'll stop spamming, and even if we don't get to watch it on HLTV I'd like to review the rep for my own personal interest, see where I could have maybe commed a little better to finish the game which eventually came to an alien win.

    server time: 20:11:47 on 09/12/06 was approximately the mapchange time, so I guess anytime before then you will see it.

    Thanks in advance Wyz,
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    Re: HLTV or reply link

    Hey, yo, like Ill see if I can dig up any other ADMINS for the server to get that demo to you or recommend it to Lazy. I really hate the fact that Wyz is the only Admin around here doing ANYTHING :p

    <3 wyz


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      Re: HLTV or reply link

      I watched the first four and a half minutes of this game's demo, and I'm disgusted. The marines allowed the teams to remain unbalanced by two players for one and a half SOLID minutes of that viewing time, despite SEVERAL requests from the alien team.

      The rule is clear: If the teams are not balanced within seconds of a registered player on the smaller team announcing the request for balance, the administration reserves the right to take any action it deems necessary to enforce team balance. Readyroom players matter none once the other team calls.

      I'm not going to watch the rest of the demo, and it will not be shared. If you can't even care enough to help your friends on the unbalanced team, we've no business celebrating the game.
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