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Great Game tonight!

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  • Great Game tonight!

    Well I thought it was gonna be one of those dull nights with a load of combat and one or two bad classic games, but I just played the best game of NS I have had for ages. We played a few maps of combat, but I kept trying for amx_votemap ns_whatever everyso often. It failed a few times but the last time we voted in ns_nancy.

    As soon as we had a classic game going loads of regs showed up. We then proceeded to have an epic game with each of the hives captured and recaptured by both teams. It looked liked the marines were going to win all game due a really powerfull mess hall reloc, but the aliends managed to turn the tide at the end.

    Don't give up when its combat, keep voting, keep playing and your dreams can all come true... or something.

    GGs all.

    Play EVE online. It's like being an accounting addict in space.

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    Re: Great Game tonight!

    Yeah, Sunday was a good day for NS gaming. I played another game just like nancy earlier that day. I thought we (the aliens) were goners multiple times on nancy (damn marines wouldnt give up on sieging subspace :p) but we got alot of steam in the last 20 or so minutes of the game.




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